Family Photo Shoot Tips and Tricks – 10 Great Tips

Family photo shoot tips and tricks – 10 great tips.

family photo shoot tips

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A family is one of the most heartfelt and close-knit aspects of a person’s life. When things get tough, and nothing seems to fall into place, the family stands beside you with full solidarity. Most families commemorate their love and affection for each other in the form of photos. A family shoot is a lot of fun and reflects the dynamics of the group nicely. It involves a lot of personalized touches and can actually bring a family even closer. However, pulling off a family photo shoot is not as easy as it seems. It needs years of expertise and practice to master the art of taking family pictures that will be cherished by all. Some tips and tricks advocated by the most famous family shoot photographers can come in handy here. Here are the most useful 10 of them.

Scout a fun, creative location

First and foremost, before starting with the photo shoot, you should have a location in mind. This location will go a long way in providing proper contrast to the picture and make the family members stand out. Ideally, there should be a lot of textures in the background, so that the people in the forefront get more exposure. Sometimes, quirkiness works wonders. You may have to put in a lot of leg work, but you should visit the locations yourself before finalizing one.

Lighting matters

This is applicable for any good photograph per se, and you should give a lot of consideration to lighting when you are conducting the photoshoot. Generally, dusk time is considered as the golden hour of the day, and if outdoor photography is on the agenda, then it is probably a good idea to engage during that time. You should consider other factors like cloud cover and the angle of the Sun before choosing the appropriate lighting conditions for the same.

Keep everyone involved and have them participate with each shot

You are more likely to have amazing pictures for a family photo shoot if you have all the members of the family involved equally in it. Make it like a fun outing for them. Who knows, they might have been too busy in their schedule recently and a break was what they were craving for. Keep asking them for ideas for poses, and you will get an idea about who gels well with whom. You can plan each and every shot in this way.

Close gaps between family members

A good family picture is to eliminate the gaps between the members and bring them close together physically. This will reflect their closeness in real life as well. Ditch the approach if standing in traditional poses as the pictures tend to come very stiff and contrived. It is better that you ask the members to come close spontaneously, according to their comfort, so that the true essence of different bonds can be captured.

Pick the right aperture

An aperture is a slit in the camera that allows adequate light to fall on the camera lens so that it can illuminate the image correctly. The size of the aperture directly affects the focusing of the picture and is denoted in fractions and is called the f-number. Higher the f-number, the smaller the aperture. It is dependant on the amount of light available, and you should base your decision on that. An outdoor photographer should have a sound knowledge of aperture size for the best effects.

Document growth and progress

The best part about a family is that they grow and progress together through the thick and thin and come out stronger and closer. Documenting this evolution is desirable and can serve as a bundle of memory, especially when they sit together and reflect on the past. Many people take pictures of their child from the first week of birth up to a certain age and really marvel at the changes that take place as a person grows. Thus, it is ideal to jog one’s memory.

Capturing heartfelt candid shots

Yes, poses and planned pictures are essential, but you cannot capture the true chemistry between people unless it is candid. It is the rawest form of family photography where you catch them unaware and shoot. You will be amazed by the raw and uninhibited spectrum on display during this candid photo shoot. Since the people being shot here are not aware of it, therefore, they do not fake or try to put their best foot forward. Looking back, candid shots belong closer to the heart than the posed ones, and rightly so.

Speed up your shutter

Shutter speed is basically how fast a camera clicks an image. When you speed up your shutter, you can take better burst shots and capture the ongoing transition of movement of a person in its full glory. Therefore, keep the shutter speed as high as possible for such burst images.

Share the spotlight

It is not a good idea to focus on any particular person or persons while doing a family photoshoot. Instead, you should divide the pictures in such a way that all members of the family are given equal importance, and there are no personal disputes later. Even though some members of the family may be more photogenic than the others, but the idea here is to capture them together and share their bonding through pictures. Therefore, you should not be biased in your selection.

Check your LCD screen

Though it is better to take pictures while looking into the lens in most of the scenarios, sometimes it is better to look at the LCD screen as well while conducting a family photo shoot. You will get a better perspective of the overall view of the picture and can make adjustments in the pose accordingly.

The family photo shoot is mainly associated with memories of the loved and cherished ones in the family and remains significant throughout. When someone hires you for a family shoot, they do it with a lot of personal expectations, and it is your responsibility to stand up to it.

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