How to Freshen up the Style of Your Whole House in a Weekend

How to freshen up the style of your whole house in a weekend?

freshen up of the style of your house

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After living in a house for a long time, it’s not uncommon to become bored with its décor. However, when it comes to changing it up a bit, we often think that we have to invest huge amounts of money as well as spend a lot of time on this endeavor. This is simply not true. There are plenty of small projects you can take on to transform the entire feel of your home. Here are some suggestions on how you can freshen up your residence’s look in only a couple of days.

Rearrange your furniture

One approach that is easy, quick and costs no money is simply rearranging your furniture. Take a good look at a certain room and see whether you can completely turn it around. Change the placing of the sofa and armchairs in your living room or reinvent your bedroom by moving the bed to another corner. Furthermore, you can even move things from one room to another. Maybe a bookshelf that’s currently in your bedroom is exactly what you need to freshen up your lounge area. None of these simple hacks take more than a couple of hours and they are totally free.

Get your paint on

Another project that’s not expensive and too time-demanding is painting various pieces of furniture you own. Do you have some mismatched pieces that have always irked you? Well, why not sand them down a little bit and paint them in the same color? You can go for classic wood hues or go for something bold and unexpected, like blue or pink. Last but not least, you can also paint your front door and windows frames. Just imagine the curb appeal boost of a pastel green or bright red entrance.

Change your windows treatments

If your current curtains are old and drab-looking, it’s probably time for a change. This is such a small detail in the overall scheme of things but it does so much for the entire space. So, get rid of those boring window treatments and look for something new. On the one hand, you can go for lush drapes that pool on the floor and work great for huge rooms. On the other hand, if you’re windows are of the smaller variety, going for patterned roman blinds is a cute option that is both practical and elegant.

Revamp your pillows and throws

In addition to changing your curtains, you should also change or at least rearrange your pillows and throws. For instance, you can get new ones that have fun patterns or are made of interesting textures. This is sure to revive your whole sofa. However, you can also just move those you already own to another room to see if it does the trick.

Create centerpieces

When it comes to centerpieces, you basically have to approaches – DIY or buy things. If you decide to do it on your own, you can choose to create a feature wall, for example. Luckily for you, that can mean whatever you want it to mean. If you like painting, why not exhibit your art on a certain wall? If you have a bunch of your kids’ drawings, hang them up. You can also use this space to introduce greenery into your home, by making a living wall. On the other hand, when you are searching for centerpieces to purchase, look into interesting chandeliers or pendant lights as well as large artwork pieces from a local artist that will draw the eye of everyone in the room.

Spice up the kitchen

Of course, we cannot neglect the heart of the home – the kitchen. The projects you can do here range from simply rearranging your glasses and plates to getting entirely new elements. However, something that anyone can do is repaint the cabinets. This is sure to breathe some new life into the whole space. Alternatively, you can replace closed cabinets with open shelving and display your favorite ceramics. You can even get new sets of dishware and cookware in a bright shade that will make them pop.

Liven up the bathroom

Finally, we come to the bathroom. Seeing as how you are not able to move most of the fixtures here, it might seem hard to freshen it up in just a few days. However, many little hacks can be applied to make you feel like you have an entirely new bathroom. Start by replacing the bath mat and shower curtain as well as getting a new soap dispenser. Additionally, you can get a nice, comfy rug for the space to make it cozy and a new set of soft towels in a color that will make the room come alive. Add some plants and candles, and voila!

These seven suggestions are just some of many you can rely on to spruce up your entire home over a weekend. None of them require any special skills and most don’t require huge amounts of money. All you need is a bit of creativity and you’ll feel like you got yourself a new home.

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