Things that Make Cooking for a Large Family a Breeze

Things that make cooking for a large family a breeze.

make cooking a breeze

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Even if most people would agree that big families start from five kids onwards, whoever has cooked for three schoolkids plus the husband knows that every kind of help that speeds up cooking is more than welcome. Not to mention other family members who occasionally show up for lunch, the two main challenges when feeding a large family that can eat a lot are the amount of food and the size of the dishes to get the job done. Whether you own these things or budgeting for those you’re still missing, here’s a choice of kitchenware that simplifies feeding a small army. 

4-piece toaster

When you run out of cereal and fruit, there’s toast for breakfast. With a standard 2-piece toaster, it can take forever to make toast with everyone. However, if you use a 4-piece model, you cut the waiting time in half. A 4-slice toaster with extra-wide slots accommodates a variety of bread sizes, while auto-adjusting bread guides provide even, consistent toasting. These toasters often have dishwasher-safe crumb trays, which make clean-up easy. 

Big Dutch oven

For a family that loves casseroles, potluck dishes, or other one-pot meals, a big casserole dish is a must. They come in many varieties, but those with lids are the most versatile. They come handy whether you need to cook for a lot of people and especially if you need to bring the meal to someone else’s house, church, etc. These Dutch ovens are microwave and freezer safe to 500 degreesF, and most models today are made with nonporous glazed interiors so foods won’t interact.

Baking dish

While every house has got one, not all baking dishes are made the same. A 4.8-quart baking dish measures 15×19 inches fits much more than just one helping for everyone, so there’s always some left to freeze. Look for products made of Pyrex Bakeware which are durable and provide great heat conduction for even and consistent baking. Glass is preferred by many home chefs as it doesn’t leach odours and metallic tastes into food. Pyrex glass products are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. 

Charcuterie board

Indispensable for serving a large medley of cured meats, cheeses, veggies, nuts, olives and other appetizers for parties and entrees, a beautiful black walnut charcuterie board will allow your serving skills to show off. If you’re looking for a charcuterie board for sale, make sure to choose only quality products that have been kiln-dried to withstand years of use, as well as sealed with food-safe oils and beeswax for increased durability. 

Cast iron skillet

This must-have piece is a favourite of many chefs who value the versatility of simple cast iron pieces with ample cooking surface and reliable ergonomic handles. A cast-iron skillet feels perfectly at home in the oven, as well as over campfire. Whether you use it to make a slow weekend breakfast of bacon and eggs or a summertime barbecue with roasted veggies, a classical cast iron piece will bring up a lot of memories every time you bring it to the table.

Slow cooker

While smaller crock pots are good for making dips and small deserts, if you have lots of mouths to feed, you need a large slow cooker. With an 8-quart model, making dinner for a large family becomes a breeze. Put all the ingredients inside before going to work and by the time you arrive home, you’ll be welcomed by a savoury smell of a delicious and warm home-cooked meal. With low and high cook settings, these cookers are ideal for buffets or when dinner ends up later than planned.

Jumbo fryer

Have you ever wanted to make enough spaghetti sauce to last you for two days but never had a pan that is big enough? A big fryer with a non-stick interior is a perfect solution for cooking large one-pot meals, as well as deep-frying chicken wings, sautéing a steak. Most of these pans have comfortable silicone handles that stay cool on the stovetop and are oven safe to 400 degrees F, while the hard-anodized aluminium dish enables fast and even heating.  

Inviting an extended family over for dinner sounds like fun until you start thinking about all the food you need to make. Keep your stress levels low by equipping your kitchen with these seven ample cooking aids. ű

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