Bedwetting – How To Clean and Protect Your Kids Mattress

Bedwetting: How to clean and protect your kids’ mattress?

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For sure, you will need to know and learn how to wash or sanitize urine from a mattress at some point, particularly if you have a kid. Bedwetting or nighttime enuresis happens to most kids. And for some, it could even continue until teenage years.

Remember that bedwetting isn’t an intentional decision or occurrence on the child’s part. It can be derived from a deep sleep, wherein the brain does not react to a stimulus that generally tells that it is time to go to the washroom.

If your child wets the bed, then you need to take care of their mattress. The discomfort and smell can make the mattress uncomfortable. As parents, what is the most excellent way to deal with it? For a little help, here’s how to clean and protect mattresses and bedding if your child wets the bed. So, take a read!

Waterproof mattress protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors are laid under the bottom sheet and over a mattress. You can shop for shaped and contoured versions, which are attached with a flat skirt or elasticized skirt, and are anchored with elastic loops on each end.

A waterproof mattress protector typically has a material on top that’s able to soak up liquid easily. It feels and looks like a normal mattress cover. Beneath it, there’s a waterproof layer, derived from polyurethane. 

In spite of being water-resistant, polyurethane is, more often than not, breathable. Therefore, it will not make your kid sleep hot at night. If waterproof mattress protectors get wet, you can clean it through the washing machine together with the sheets. However, take note that more absorbent and thicker pads will dry longer. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option, a vinyl mattress cover is the best option. Not only it is much more affordable, and it is lightweight too. It covers the whole bed and features a zipper. So, if it gets wet, you can, for the most part, wipe it clean. 

Even though a vinyl mattress cover is successful at keeping a bed dry, it can be noisy and hot to sleep on. Nevertheless, it is a great option for traveling with your kid who wets the bed. Check my pillow topper reviews to sort through different options.

Water-resistant underpads

Washable or disposable underpads are water-resistant pads that have an absorbent, soft top layer. You can put it underneath the bottom sheet or on top of the mattress. Some people prefer to insert it on one or the other sides of the mattress. 

If your kid tosses and turns a lot when sleeping, he or she might miss the area of the mattress enclosed by the underpad. Therefore, it is still an excellent idea to leverage a waterproof mattress cover as well.

Moreover, it is easy and quick to change a wet underpad. Also, underpads are easily carried or moved. 

Preserving comforters

Rather than using a large comforter that is challenging to wash, think of letting your child sleep in small, compact blankets. These less-bulky comforters are much easier to clean and quicker to dry.

You can use a waterproof duvet cover either under a duvet cover or on its own. Moreover, you can shop for waterproof sheets which you can put between your kid and the comforter.

How to clean wet bedding

Well, you need to wash wet bedding as soon as you can. However, keep in mind that some waterproof pads must not be cleaned in bleach. If you are swapping out wet bedding during the night, throw it out in the bathtub and wash it in the morning. It will keep urine away on anything else. If possible, give a wet bedding a quick rinse.

To wash the bedding clean, remove the bedding and sheets, and wash it through a washing machine. If there’s a strong urine smell, add vinegar. If there are yellow patches, a hot tap with laundry detergent will help (do this before washing).


Regardless of how much effort you put into protecting your child’s mattress, it is likely that the mattress of your kid will get wet from time to time. Thus, when they happen, do your very best to deal with wet patches on the bed. Don’t leave them for long.

If the urine has extremely saturated the mattress in the middle of the night, it is, without a doubt, hard to subdue the smell. Use a cloth to sponge it up as soon as you can. The lingering smell of urine is because of the formed acid crystals as it dries.

Therefore, regular cleaners may not work. For this reason, you might need to consider buying an enzyme-based cleaner that is particularly designed for cleaning the urine. Also, it will help remove the yellow patches.

Keep in mind that it’s not your child’s fault to wet the bed. It is a natural occurrence for kids. The most excellent way to deal with it is understanding, patience, and a handful of cleaning instructions. 

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