House Plans: Optimal Solutions for Larger Families

House plans: optimal solutions for larger families.

house plans for larger families

Undoubtedly, the luckiest homeowners out there are the ones who get the opportunity to build their homes from scratch. Aside from the fact that this allows you to entirely personalize your new home and all of its aspects, chances are that it will end up being significantly cheaper than if you were to buy a finished house.

That being said, before you actually get down to building, you first need to consider some aspects of a home-building project, such as the materials you want to be using, the position and the layout of your home, what building style you want to go with and how will your home look in general. With that in mind, here are some house plans considerations you should pay attention to, especially if you’re building a house for your large family.

Decide on the type of house you want to build

First and foremost, when talking about building a house, you first need to decide what type of house you want to build. Do you want to build a ground-level home that outstretches far and wide, or you prefer going up instead? If you don’t already have your mind set on a particular style, do know that taller homes with a somewhat smaller base are far more energy-efficient than the wide homes are. Furthermore, by opting for a smaller base, you’ll not only be left with more outdoor space but you’ll also leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint. 

Decide on the number of rooms

The next thing you need to address is the number of rooms you wish to have in your home. Ideally, every member of your family should have their own room, plus you want to add a couple more because you never know what the future will bring – maybe another family member? Besides, if nothing else, you should have at least one guest room. 

What’s more, ideally every room should have a bathroom or at least try to have two rooms share one bathroom. This way, everybody will have enough space and time to get ready for either school/work or going to bed, without having to wait in line until the bathroom becomes unoccupied. Additionally, make sure you build your basement and/or attic so that they can later be turned into a living space if need be.

Get inspired

If, on the other hand, you feel like you can’t quite create a mental picture of your ideal home, you should look for some inspiration. For instance, these luxury display homes in Sydney demonstrate just how easy it is to create a house that’s both stylish and functional, where every single aspect of the design seems to be even better than the previous one. Aside from visiting display homes, you might also want to consult with the internet and browse numerous designs and layouts that are made with larger families in mind. What’s great about this is not only that you will get a general idea about the design and layout of the home itself, but you’ll also get a general idea of what you can do with the space – décor-wise – once it has been built. 

Create multiple living areas

Furthermore, aside from ensuring that you create opulent resting areas for every member of your family, you should also aim at creating multiple living areas where people can get together and have some fun. An interesting idea would be to create the main living room on the ground floor of your new house and create an additional, maybe even somewhat smaller version of a living room on each floor. Alternatively, you can also choose to turn your basement into a communal space for your kids, where they can enjoy playing games and watching their favourite shows without being disturbed or disturbing anyone themselves. 

Pay attention to your outdoor area as well

Many people forget that their outdoor area is an integral part of their future house, so they don’t pay much attention to the amount of space they will be left with once their homes are built. While it is certainly important to have enough room in the house for everyone to be able to live comfortably, you also want to have enough room in your outdoor area so you can actually enjoy the fact that you have a yard. 

Especially for families with small children having enough space in your yard so that your little ones can play freely means a lot. That’s why, aside from planning the layout and everything else regarding your home, you should also plan out the layout of the surrounding outdoor area. If you have enough space, you can even consider creating a small garden where you can plant some of your favourite veggies and fruit.

When deciding to build your house instead of buying a pre-built one, you need to make sure that you think long and hard about all the aspects that the home building project entails. From the size of the property, the type of materials used all the way to interior décor and design and future house selling prospects, you need to know exactly what you want to build before you actually get the ball rolling. 

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