5 Tips To Make Your Electronics Shockproof For Kids

How to make your electronics shockproof for kids?

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If you are a mother or anyone who has kids at home, then you know how curious kids can be. Kids will begin with pressing each button on the TV remote control, to dropping things on socket holes and pulling electric cords among others. As we all know, electrical equipment is dangerous, and you can quickly get a shock if you are not careful. No one wants a home accident involving kids playing innocently with electronics. Toddlers, especially, are at a high risk of being victims of shock. Electric shocks are dangerous and can even lead to death. 

According to statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 86% of children between the ages of 1 to 4 repot electrical injuries. Similarly, the American Academy of Pediatrics posts that electrical injuries occurring in children aged 12 years and below reveal that extension cords, electrical cords, sockets, and small electrical appliances are the main antecedents of these injuries.

There are various childproofing supplies and techniques available that homes can use to prevent accidental electrical death and injuries in children. In this article, I will explain five tips that will help you make your electronics shockproof for kids.

  • Cover open sockets

Kids love to imitate everything that you are doing. They will watch how an adult uses electrical appliances and then try to insert metal objects and fingers into open sockets. Such behavior can be deadly for children. The good thing is that you can shockproof your sockets in various ways. One of the best ways is to place electrical outlets at a height that kids cannot reach. Also, try purchasing plastic caps to fit on top of electrical outlets and cover them when they are not in use. Besides that, you can also try fitting the switchboards with shutter caps. If some of the sockets are not in use, you can find a masking tape and cover them then peel it off when you need to use the socket.  

  • All cords be out of reach of kids

Most of us carelessly leave cords hanging beside the electrical appliances. It is easy for kids to pull, play with, or trip over your computer power cord that you have left lying around the house. You must tape all cords together and hide them behind the electrical appliance to prevent kids from accessing them. For example, you can hide cords by placing furniture in front of them. You can purchase good quality power strips in the market because they are safe.

  • Check wire insulation

All wires at home should be well insulated. Most organizations insulate wires using polymer and rubber. Ensure that the wire is halogard protect to prevent the risk of fire. Such wires are safe at homes with kids. Furthermore, you can use PVC to coat wires. All exposed wires pose safety risks to you and your kid if anyone accidentally touches a live wire. With the various available wire insulation options on the market and at an affordable price, ensure that your home is safe.

  • Use circuit breakers

When there is an electric shock, a large quantity of current flows through the wire into the human body then to the ground. You can use circuit breakers to detect any sudden changes in the flow of current through the wires. For example, if there is a sudden current increase, circuit breaker switch off the power for some time to prevent a big shock. Talk to an expert to understand the best circuit breakers that you can install in your house today. Examples include ELCB, MCBs, RCCBs, and MCCBs, among others. Circuit breakers are essential because they can help you to discover a faulty device that may be the cause of harm for you and your kid.

  • Install CCTV cameras

If you do not have time to watch your kids, you can install CCTV cameras. Most moms are working these days, and this means that you leave your kid with the house help as you go to work. However, most of us do not feel safe when we are away from the kids. One way you can help is by installing CCTV cameras to watch your kids and prevent them from getting an electric shock. When buying CCTV cameras, ensure that you purchase high-quality cables for clarity.

To-Do List in case of an accident

Prevention is always better than cure. However, at times, even after taking necessary precautions, an accident can occur. In case this happens; you should follow these guidelines immediately:

  • Disconnect the power supply immediately. You can do this by either pulling the plug or turning off the main switch for the whole house
  • Try to move the injured child without using bare hands. Ensure that you insulate yourself so that the current does not pass from the child’s body to yours. If you are removing a live wire from the victim’s body, you can use a nonmetallic object or a dry stick
  • Observe and monitor the child’s pulsation, breathing, skin color, and lateness. If there is no heartbeat or breathing, perform immediate emergency procedures such as CPR. CPR will help to keep the brain function intact and restore blood supply
  • Proper medical treatment is crucial, and the child must see a doctor immediately


A single faulty wire or electrical appliance can cause minor damages or even lead to a loss of life. It is essential to have enough knowledge on how to shockproof your house when it comes to protecting your child. In this article, we have tried our best to explain to you the top five ways to make your electronics shockproof. 

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