7 Ways to Make a Birthday Card

Do you know how to make a birthday card?

make birthday card

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It is nice to celebrate your friend’s or loved one’s birthday in a meaningful way. Making a birthday card may take some time compared to buying one but will pay off when the person receives the card. It certainly means a lot receiving a customized birthday card made specifically from someone. That said, check out the following 7 ways of making a birthday card. 

Making a basic birthday card 

Making a basic birthday card is easy. Begin by gathering your materials such as glue, stickers, construction paper, rubber stamps, images, and other coloring materials. From the construction paper, create a shape of your liking. Customize the card design depending on who you are making the card for. Finish off by adding establishments such as fabric, stamps, and stickers. 

Making birthday cards with Microsoft Word 

It is important to conceive an idea before you start making the card. Have all the ideas in mind you would like to note in the card. With Word, everything becomes easy. They also lessen the work if you consider making a business print special birthday cards. In this method, you should be well versed with how to use Microsoft Word. 

Once you’ve opened Microsoft Word app, layout a template from the page layout section. Set the orientation and landscape you prefer for the card. Change the color of the background, add a border, and fill in the appropriate text. Play with the wording style using the clip art option and include pictures if you want to. Edit the card, save it, and it is ready for printing. 

Making a colored card 

Colored birthday cards are a good way of expressing creativity. To make this, use colored A4 sheets of paper. Turn the sheet into a card by folding it into half. Try out various creative designs by cutting out strips from different colored sheets of paper. Paste the various cut-outs on their background to create an appealing look. 

Ensure that you include a cover page where you can write your birthday wish. You can choose either side of the two halves to write a poem, some good thoughts or decorate it nicely. You can as well add a photo of you with the birthday person noting down that special memory. 

Making a birthday poem featured card 

Your birthday person could be a fan of poems. Well, in that case, make a poem card with a poem in it. Keep the poem short that it fits the card easily. For such cards, inside jokes and long-term shared interest are good topics to explore. 

You can then fold the card into various shapes and put some image over the card. Write the short poem on the first page and print a neat “Happy birthday” at the centre of the other page. Finish off by adding strips of paper to make a frame, colorful touches such as glitter or stickers. 

Making a see-through birthday card 

See-through cards are a good way of expressing creativity. For this, get a piece of paper, either white or colored. Draw some figures in the form of candles, hearts, or other designed on the front part. Cut out the shape and draw some flowers or balloons inside on the right side. This should be in a form that when the card is closed, the designs drawn inside should be visible. You can then decorate the rest of the card as desired. 

Making a birthday card with Display Window 

Making such cards is quite complex. Like other models, begin by folding the cards to two equal parts. The second step is cutting a window on the middle panel, which later becomes the front part of the card. The size of the item you want to display determines the size of the window. 

However, it should be less than half the size of the cover page. Stick the display item in here, it’s right position. The item could be either some pretty paper, a photograph, a doily or embroidery. 

Making a birthday card with wallpaper 

Wallpapers are a good choice of materials for making birthday cards. This isn’t much different from making a basic birthday card. For this, you need wallpaper, a sheet of cardstock and an envelope. Cut out the wallpaper and fold it halfway. Cut the cardstock to a relatively smaller size and adhere the wallpaper to the back of cardstock using glue. 

Like other cards, choose a phrase, joke, or saying that your recipient will find it interesting for their great day.

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