Get Ready For a Fun Outdoor With Your Kids

Let’s get ready for outdoor fun with your kids!

outdoor fun with kids

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

The summer months are upon us, and what better way to spend time with your kids than by spending a day outside. The possibilities are endless, and these seventeen fun activities are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Bike parade

Organize a bike parade where kids decorate their bikes and cruise them around the neighborhood. If your kids don’t know how to ride a bike yet, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them.


Go on a fishing adventure with your kids to a nearby lake or summer camp. It’s a good time to catch up with them while waiting for a fish to get snagged by a hook.

Arts and crafts

More and more craft stores are offering hands-on activities for kids, like scrapbooking and canvas painting. If you have a creative young one, this will be a hit.

Obstacle courses

Build an obstacle course in your backyard complete with jump ropes, Hula-Hoops, and a finish line at the end. Invite their friends and let the games begin!

Petting zoos

Let baby animals pique the interest of your little kids. Check out a petting zoo or even a pet store, and let them pet the animals to their heart’s desire.


A picnic outdoors is a no brainer when the weather’s good. Prepare some PB&J sandwiches, fresh fruit juice, potato salad, and you’re good to go.

Outdoor grill

Or if picnics aren’t your thing, the alternative is to do a grill in your backyard. Think homemade burgers and barbeques. Have people over if you’re confident of your grilling skills.

Minor league

Root for your local sports team in minor league matches. It doesn’t matter whether it’s baseball, soccer, or swimming—going to one will bring out your kid’s inner cheerleader. 


A good way to spend time with your kids over the summer is to do some volunteer work, like cleaning the park or collecting canned goods for the poor.

Wildlife refuges

Let your kids be a naturalist for a day and visit a wildlife refuge. The US has more than five hundred of them. These are land set aside for the conservation of plants and animals.

Outdoor films

Select parks across the country play family-friendly films every Friday and Saturday evenings. Check the website of your parks department to view the screening schedule. 

Chalk art

Transform your driveway into a work of art by having your kids draw on the pavement with different colored chalks. It’s not permanent, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

Science experiments

Kids are naturally curious and inquisitive for their age. Why not do some science experiments in your backyard like launch a rocket or erupt a paper-mâché volcano. Just wear safety gloves while you’re at it.


The fun doesn’t stop when it’s dark outside. Grab your telescope from the attic, and direct them up to the night sky and look for constellations.

Lemonade stand

Teach your kids entrepreneurial skills this summer by letting them make and sell lemonade. Help set up the stand but only supervise from afar when it’s time to open shop.

Kite flying

On a sunny and clear day, any local park offers a good mix of open skies and cool breeze. Late in the afternoon when it’s no longer that hot is the perfect time to fly a kite

Outdoor concert

You can also support local and up-and-coming talents in your community by attending an outdoor concert. It’s most probably going to be free because it’s in a public space.

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