Easy Makeup Routine for Busy Moms

Easy makeup routine for busy moms.

makeup routine for busy mom

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As much as they are regarded as heroes by their fellow moms, soccer moms also have their fair share of struggles in terms of maintaining their image in the neighborhood. Being a soccer mom means that you have to take care of your kids at home, and find time to always look good whenever you have to take them to school or for games where their pals and fellow parents are all there. 

Generally, moms always find it hard taking care of kids and keeping up with the latest fashion trends especially when dealing with toddlers who cannot yet take care of themselves. Turn your eye away for a minute, and you will find them already up the kitchen chair ready to dip their hand into boiling water to see where the bubbles are coming from. How then can one find time to put on makeup when turning your head for a minute can be so disastrous? 

While this is a hard task for many, there are those who have managed to find ways to beat the system and ensure they always look their best even with a toddler on their lap. Fashion magazines and websites like https://mixtrade.co.il are good places to get tips from professional makeup artists on how to look good even as a busy mom. Below are a few summary tips.

Avoid creamy and liquid-based makeup

When you are trying to save time in the morning, your best bet is to use powder makeup. Cream and liquid makeup need a lot of time to apply as care needs to be taken while doing so in order to avoid smudges. With powder makeup, you only need a brush or sponge to quickly dub the color onto your skin. 

Use a primer

Primers are especially helpful when you are not looking to have full-fledged makeup on. With the little time you have, primers will help keep your skin radiant even when your face is fatigued from taking care of the baby all night. Your face will look fresh and nourished with little work done on it. 

Apply tinted moisturizer

This should help save you at least 5 minutes every morning when you have to rush to work or take your kids to school. It is much easier to apply since it does not need any sponge or brushes during its application. You only need to apply it on your clean hands and rub it onto your face. Select the moisturizer that best suits your skin tone. 

Use skin color

Apply a bit of bronzer or blush to give your skin the color that it needs to glow in the morning. 


Use the blackest eyeliner so that you don’t have to work on the bottom lashes too, and it will also save you from using a lot of coating that will take up your time. Incorporate long-lasting brow and lash tint into your routine for a fuss-free, enhanced look.

Finish the look with some mascara

A quick mascara application will help to sum up your look. effect, it’s worth exploring the benefits of investing in the best DIY eyelash extensions kit. These kits have gained popularity for their convenience and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to achieve salon-quality lashes in the comfort of your own home. With a range of high-quality extensions and adhesive options to choose from, you can customize your lash style to suit any occasion.

Lip stain

For your lips, applying lip stain will be the quickest way to complete your look. The thick lipstick takes too much time and focus to properly apply. Lip stain has the additional advantage of leaving your lips glowing. 

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