Tips for Planning a Family Holiday

How to plan a family holiday? Here is a mini guide!

planning a family holiday

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Holidays should be relaxing, exciting times, but often when you’re planning for a big family trip, they can be the opposite. There’s a lot of pressure and responsibility as a parent even before you’ve set off, such as ensuring everybody has their passport and has packed everything, and the travelling itself with children can be arduous sometimes. You want your holiday to be the best it can be, and one which every person in the family will enjoy. 

How do you ensure your family holiday runs smoothly and stays in everyone’s memories for the right reasons?  

Consider bigger accommodation

There are many family-friendly resorts and kid-friendly hotels, of course, but when you have a big family or children still at a young age, it can sometimes be difficult to comfortably spend time in a cramped hotel room or find a spot around a busy pool. If it’s a relaxing family holiday you’re seeking, consider renting a private villa for your stay. Villa holidays allow you to have all the space you need, with more than one bedroom, a large living space, and a functional kitchen to have fun making meals with the family. You’ll also have access to a private pool meaning you and your family truly have the run of the place while knowing you won’t have any disturbance from other holidaymakers. 

Do your research 

You may have a great location in mind, but it’s essential to research the best destination suited for everybody, as well as ensuring you find the best deal for your budget, especially if you’re travelling during peak season due to the school summer holidays. Planning a family holiday means you can’t opt for private, romantic luxury, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it into the trip somewhere along the line, and couple it with fun activities for the kids. Try and find a deal which has the best of everything and plenty of things to see and do to keep the children (and you) always entertained. 

Safety first

Before setting off on your holiday, or before leaving your accommodation for any trip out during the holiday, ensure your children know the safety procedure. It’s very unlikely you’ll get separated being a responsible parent, but things can happen in busy, unfamiliar places, and it’s best to have a strategy in place. 

Ensure your children have been introduced to hotel reception staff (if applicable) so they know who to speak to should they be unable to find you. Make sure they know what to do in the event of something happening, and even consider giving them a phone to contact them if they don’t have one already. It’s also a good idea to agree to a general meeting point. 

Take extra money

Spending money on holiday is always a must, but ensure you’ve comfortably saved that little bit extra, just in case your children spot something fun to do which you hadn’t bargained for. If it’s something exciting, you don’t want to have to turn it down due to lack of funds. 

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