10 Benefits for your Family to Have a Pet

Do you know why is good for your family to have a pet?

have a pet in family

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If you are still thinking about whether or not it is worth having a pet to be part of your family, here you will find 10 reasons to have a pet in your life! To know more benefits of keeping dogs in family just find here at K9nerds.

Increase sense of responsibility

Before deciding whether or not to have a pet it is important to remember that no matter how old they are, they will always be dependent and will need daily care. Of course you will be responsible but you can combine with your children some daily tasks like constant water exchange or jokes and even ride. It will be necessary to remind children every day until it becomes a habit, and it is worth emphasizing that the pet depends on them to live well.

Facilitates socialization

The child who has the company of a pet has the opportunity to rehearse contact with people, learning to respect each other’s space. Teach your child that when the pet is eating or sleeping they have to keep it quiet so they do not get nervous. In addition to the interaction between them, in outings many people will approach to make love and pull conversation, and your child will interact!

Strengthens the immune system

You sure have heard that! A lot of research has already been done proving that companionship of a pet can reduce a child’s chances of developing colds, stomach problems and even headaches. Just by caressing the animal, levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody present in the mucous membranes that prevents viral or bacterial proliferation, increase, strengthening the immune system. Health based on affection in the pet.

Prevents allergies

If your child has had contact with the animal since childhood, his body will tolerate more allergic reactions in the future.

Work on self-esteem

When he realizes that the animal does not have to be perfect to be loved – even if it is a dog that drool at all, or a cat hunter that brings insects toast to the owner – the child gains more space to exercise their feelings. Thus, it is easy for her to accept her mistakes better and understand that she will always be loved by her parents and family. In contact with the critters, they leave fears and difficulties aside and laugh, relax, and become more tolerant.

Make your child smarter

There are also several studies that show that children who have a pet have higher than average cognitive, social, and motor development, and that dogs, for example, can help in learning to read. It makes perfect sense. When they are learning new things, especially in the literacy stage, it is crucial that the children have a loving person next to them, who does not look ugly if they make a mistake. And the most the dog can do is wag his tail or eat a piece of the book to make a lively joke.

Develops effective capacity

The company of an animal moves with the emotional, especially in childhood, and makes new feelings grow and grow. Complicity, friendship, respect, patience and love, without expecting anything in return and in the most sincere and pure way possible, on both sides.

Reduces stress

A pet does very well to the heart as well. While hugging, playing and caressing the pet, the body lowers the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases those of serotonin, substance responsible for the feeling of well being. Result: less stress, controlled pressure and less risk of cardiovascular problems.

Encourages exercise

If your child is over 5 years old, taking the dog for a walk will be one of the highlights of this company. In addition to being the excuse you needed to get him out of the front of the TV and exercise more than the thumb in the control of the video game.

Teaches about death

Often, contact with the animal is the closest experience of nature that the child lives. When the animal dies, it goes through mourning and is able to understand the cycle of life. Take this moment to talk about death. The best way for your child to understand is to explain in a simple way. Speak the truth, but when it comes to answering the traditional question, “Where did it go?” You can use creativity. Many people think that the pet has become a star or that it has gone to heaven … At that time, symbolism is fundamental because the child will understand what happened in her way.


have a pet in family


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