Dealing With Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to deal with back pain during pregnancy?

back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated but highly dreaded events in a woman’s life.

Every woman knows that there are a lot of changes and occurrences that they have to deal with when they are pregnant –topmost of which is swelling, change in body shape, and pains.

While this may discourage many intending ‘pregnant moms to be’, there are several solutions that will alleviate back pain in pregnant women of any age and size.

From simple and easy to achieve acts of practicing good posture and getting the right gear for your back, to getting massages when necessary and using an inversion table,here is how to deal with back pain during pregnancy.

Use the right gear

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes, and these changes will affect what you eat, how you sleep, and most importantly –what you wear.

One of the leading causes of back pain in pregnant women comes from the clothes or shoes they use and in some cases, the gear they do not use.

Once the pregnancy is advanced, it is advisable for the intending mother to switch from high heel shoes to flat-footed shoes or sandals and do away with tight-fitting clothes in exchange for loose-fitting clothes.

Flat shoes reduce back pains, while the introduction of maternity support belts to the outfit is also a good back pain-alleviating addition. It is also safe to use best inversion table during pregnancy to manage back pain. 

Watch how you lift

In pregnancy, you no longer completely own your body- your baby is a co-owner. As such, you must put that into consideration whenever you want to do things as little as lifting objects from the floor.

Bending at the waist or lifting with your back can cause strain and stress to your back. If you ever have to lift, lift only little objects, squatting down and lifting with your legs spread.

Watch how you sleep 

If you don’t have or cannot afford sleep support pillows, then it is more imperative that you watch how you sleep.

The best sleeping posture for pregnant women which alleviates back pains is to sleep on their sides and not their backs. One or two knees should also be bent to relieve the pressure on the back.

Massage helps

Depending on the individual’s preference and the severity of the back pain, attending a massage session can go a long wayto help with the pain crisis. If you are suffering from mild to intense back pains, use either a heating pad or an ice pack. They work.

Use an inversion table   

This mode of managing severe back ache should be done with the express permission of the physician.

Inversion tables have been known to help individuals who have severe back pains and other back issues.Dueto the peculiarity of pregnancy, it isnecessary to seek your care providers opinion.

Never forget exercise and good posturing

Nothing can take the place of practicing a good posture in preventing and managing back pain. From simple acts like holding your chest high and standing and sitting up straight to practicing exercises like low backstretch and yoga under the supervision of an instructor can help to straighten the spine and relieve the pressure the abdomen places on the spine.

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