Best Outdoor Adventure Vacation Destinations on a Budget

Do you want to know that are the best outdoor adventure vacation destinations on a budget?

adventure vacation destinations

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Are you a gallivanter? Are you planning to go for a family getaway? What destinations are you planning for? 

Generally, when we intrigue for our excursion and pick some of the exotic locations having magnificent charms, our mind runs towards visiting them. However, the main hurdle we face is the travel budget which we find like a burning hole into our pocket. 

To your surprise, how would you feel if some of the offbeat places you have in your travel bucket list, fits in your budget? Will there be any other rumination to visit there or not? We know that you will feel like on cloud nine at the moment, 

As we know, travel is the best medicine and being on a voyage with family, friends, or as a globetrotter just magnifies our experience. In that case, letting the budget to be your hindrance is not what we wish for. To make your adventure seeking travel list more amazing and filled with what to see and to do, there are several tourist sites. 


The most overlooked places are sometimes the most enchanting places to visit. Nepal is the best place which will not break your bank. You and your entire family can have an adventurous deal and fun activities like trekking and other sports. 

Another exhilarating activity can be Mountain Biking or Paragliding where you can fly in the mountains. To have more fun, you can have a glimpse of Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Ghandruk and Pokhara, which are some of the fantastic places in Nepal. 

Nepal is full of an escapade for thrill lovers as you can go for river rafting in Sun Kosi, or for more delight, you can go to Chitwan National Park for jungle safari and tour in mid of natural habitat. Moreover, let skydiving, zip line and stand up paddle boarding to give you a feeling which you can never stop thinking about. 

Bali, Indonesia

The land to undergo an adventure is Bali, Indonesia, which is a picture-perfect holiday location where you can bask in rich culture and heritage. Together with your family, head towards secluded islands and beaches where your travel appetite can be gratified. You can explore the treasures of Indonesia and get on the roads of rice fields, a coffee farm, river rafting, turtle breeding sanctuary and many more. 

The other exploration can be diving at Bunaken, scuba diving at Jimbaran Bay, hiking in Flores Island where life has something new to put in the picture. Being on a trip to Bali would make lifetime memories and would literally enjoy the air. Therefore, make the memories lasting by having a great EXPENSE CUTTER TRIP.

Be a part of mesmerising exploration! 


When the budget is limited and the days are more, then Malaysia is a real travel site. It is a land of diverse cultures like Malay, Chinese, Indian and other heritage of the country. To voyage to lush green mountains, have a view of alluring beaches, and amazing waterfalls, Malaysia is true sightseeing for you.

When we move out, we prefer to stay outdoors and try something which is hardly available in your city. The adventurous things you can perform in Malaysia are Genting highlands, Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, and snorkelling at Langkawi. Keep your backpack ready to witness adventure in your life. But one most imperative thing which you must not skip is the flight booking, say if you wish to fly by United, go for united airlines booking, through which a promise of the comfortable journey is assured. 

For air booking, one can consider Faremart which is a reliable and user-friendly platform that provides a smooth Air Travel experience with its commendable services and satisfactory travel assistance.

Feel the adventure via Malaysia! 


Well, boast in front of others that you come to know the budget-friendly places to travel, but after you visit them. After moving back to your home, let the world know the destinations you went for an ultimate adventure and enjoyed to an extreme. 

With family, the comfort, enjoyment, memories and adventure, all are equally required. For all in one, enter Thailand in your travel bucket. To cherish the moments and to capture them, this place is a new buzz.

Thailand is a country where you can indulge yourself and other members in pristine beaches, floating market, and temples of Thailand. Don’t worry as Thailand doesn’t end here and allows you to try activities such as hot air balloon, scuba diving, parasailing and hike in a national park. You will definitely feel the worth of money spent in Thailand. 


adventure vacation destinations

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The Philippines is a land of serenity, calmness surrounded by beaches, living legends and friends aboriginals. To escape from the monotonous routine and life, head towards Philippines adrenaline activities are waiting for you. If you are with family or going as a wanderer, you are going to get something unusual in such a less budget. 

The Philippines never run short of places as for diving fanatics, move in the direction of Palawan, for a high level of incredibility, extremely thrilling canyoneering. Being here, you cannot ignore Mt Pulag, an ultimate destination for hikers. The excellent weather, stunning views just doubles the enjoyment and excitement of activities. 


Do you know one secret? Well, you might not know, but the real thing is that no doubt the world has great expensive charms to travel; however, the budgeted places are double of them. Most of the travellers rush to those places where every single dream can be fulfilled in the journey of holiday destinations.

To leave you awe-struck, another magnificent place is Cambodia where you can taste something unusual. Starting from cruising, biking, snorkelling, diving, beaching, you can end up with national parks, Battambang bat caves and Popokvill waterfall. The secret of grand adventure is shopping as well, which can reduce your stress and increase your excitement level. 


Well, luxury is not always in money as opulence can even be counted in the form of contentment, enjoyment and real zeal of life. To ask from a shopping spree, as they can find anything new in apparels, similarly, adventure lovers can easily come across the striking places. 

Low budget means high on aspirations, desires, enjoyment and lot of exciting activities. In Kenya, initiate with camping in Maasai Mara Triangle, which will change your life experience. Then take a direction of boat tour outside Nairobi, which is an apt getaway from the city. 

Explore Lamu Island, where tourists travel to relax and reinvigorate themselves to feel something new. Just be cautious when you perform all the activities. 

Sri Lanka

Lovers of waterfalls, train ride, motorboating, and much-desired watersports, they must directly visit Sri Lanka, which can let you enjoy the activities in a cheap budget. Not only the adventure, but other places here are Galle, Anuradhapura, Gangaramaya Temple, and Colombo.

In quest of an extreme blend of new things, Sri Lanka can fulfil your desires. Away from the rest of the world, and an ideal destination for vacations where holiday-makers can enjoy the lap of nature. 

No replica need to visit Sri Lanka!

Let’s wrap up adventure vacation

The zeso level takes a downtrend when the travel trip comes to an end. Your adventure adrenaline might be higher, but your home is even waiting back for you. These pocket-friendly places are best for you to enjoy, spending vacations and enjoying to the fullest. 

However, you must not worry as you can revisit them at any time. Along with this, you are taking memories of these places. Just keep them alive in your heart and mind till you will make another plan to come here and make some new memories. 

Visit the places once, and make it an endless journey!

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