The 7 Best Jobs That Let You Care for the Bundles of Joy

The 7 best jobs that let you care for the bundles of joy.

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Taking care of babies can be one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Not only do you get to play a crucial role in their development, but you get the bonus of being around the cutest little things each and every day. 

Working with the little ones has so many other benefits that come with it as well. If you’ve thought about going down this career path, check out a small list of jobs below to help get your gears turning. 

You never know where your path may end up taking you!

Pediatric nurse

Let’s start in the field of medicine. As a pediatric nurse, you will be responsible for caring for children of all ages and you will certainly have the littlest ones coming in from time to time. You will want to do some research on LPN vs RN careers, because as a pediatric nurse, you can either be an RN (registered nurse), LPN (licensed practical nurse) or nursing assistant.

You’ll have to go through the basic schooling of undergrad before going to nursing school and then residency. If you want to be a nursing assistant, your demands are a little less and you’ll have to go through a state-approved program. 

With an ever growing need for medical professionals, you’re certain to find a job out there for you. 

Labor and delivery nurse

Be prepared to see a lot of nursing options on this list. If you love to be a part of the miracle of childbirth and being with newborns, then this is a great option for you.

Similar to pediatric nurses, you’ll have to go through school to become an RN before choosing this specialized route. There will also be some specific jobsite training.

Neonatal nurse

Another nurse on the list? Alright, let’s dive in. 

A neonatal nurse is an RN or LPN who is in charge of baby care, particularly babies born prematurely. You’ll work a lot in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Just like the two nurses listed above, you’ll also have to go to nursing school and obtain your RN or LPN before choosing to specialize in neonatal care. 


Although we ditched the nurse trend, we kept the “N”. Nannies are a fantastic way to work with babies. There are many different kinds of nannies. Some live in the family’s home, some live out. Some may come every day during the week while others may just come during the working day. 

In terms of education, there isn’t much but it helps to have basic first aid, CPR and child caring skills. There are plenty of places that offer courses, either online or in person, about those subjects. 


A great option for many is to work in the childcare field. This could either be by working in a nursery or day care center. 

You could choose to work in a center or open up your own if you want to run your own business. When it comes to education, that varies state by state. Some will require certain training or licenses while others do not have such requirements. It will be up to you to investigate and see what you have to do.


Returning to the topic of medicine, let’s talk about pediatrics. Pediatricians will take care of the babies after birth and may even continue to be a child’s doctor as they continue to grow.

Pediatricians have a long time in school ahead of them, with all being required to hold medical degrees. After going to med school, you’ll have to go through residency and any specific licenses or board exams. 

Here, you may work in your own clinic or in a local hospital.


Kind of like semi-permanent nannying, babysitting is a great way to be a bit more flexible and find something part time if you’re not looking for full-time work.

There is virtually no education required, although a background in childcare is certainly helpful. You’ll need to learn child CPR and basic first aid to be successful.

When it comes to pay, that highly depends on your location, number of children watching and family. There are plenty of online calculators to help you find out what you should be charging as well as giving your averages for your area. 

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