Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For New Parents

Do you know how to travel eco-friendly as a new parent?

eco-friendly travel

Photo by Francesca Petringa on Unsplash

Family trips are one of the most fulfilling experiences that one family can do to spend some quality time together. However, it’s equally important to do it carefully and responsibly. Being financially responsible is the key to a successful family trip, but aside from that, it’s also crucial to pay attention to the environment. If you’re interested in the future of our planet, then going eco-friendly can be of great help.

In case you’re travelling together, here are some eco-friendly travelling tips for all new parents:

Go to an ethical destination

Travelling to an ethical destination can mean a lot for that said place, but also for you as a family. Ethical destinations are developing places that take a lot of effort to preserve conservation and reduce the effects of global warming. The most ethical destinations are Benin, Nepal, Uruguay, Fiji, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Through ethical travelling, you are also helping people who live in that place, and what’s even better, you’re also helping the environment there.

Pack lightly

Most of the people tend to pack a lot even when travelling for a short period. The reason for that is the excitement of travelling itself and personal fears of not having enough clothes to wear. Travelling only with a backpack is always preferable, but going with a family always requires more things, so it’s understandable that you have to pack a bit more. The more the luggage weighs, the more the plane weighs, which leads to more carbon emissions. If you must take a lot of things with you (and with small children, that’s understandable), try to pack them in a small suitcase, or use vacuum bags, so you’ll have more space in your luggage.

Eat locally sourced food

Going to the supermarket and buying all the necessities is the quickest and maybe even the cheapest option. But, if you want to have an eco-friendly trip, it’s always much better to eat locally sourced food such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy. Even better, if you can find a small local bakery, you can also eat freshly baked bread and other pastries that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Before you go, make a list of all the small and locally owned business and taste everything they have to offer. That way you’re also helping the planet and increasing the income of a few families.


eco-friendly travel

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Drive eco cars

Eco cars are all the rage right, and for a reason. They are smaller, lighter and better automated and on top of it all — they don’t require gas that pollutes the environment so much. Of course, you don’t need to drive a Tesla in order to have an eco car. Many car rentals offer eco cars for very reasonable prices. In case you don’t which car to choose or how to care for it, you can go to Drivr Zone and see all the valuable pieces of information they have. Who knows, maybe after this experience, you’ll choose an eco car as your permanent mode of transportation.

Avoid plastic

Plastic items are one of the biggest sources of pollution, so decreasing its use can significantly help our planet become greener and healthier. The first and easiest step is to reduce the number of plastic bottles you use. However, there are places where tap water isn’t safe to consume, and in that case, it’s better to buy the biggest bottle that you’ll keep somewhere while keeping reusable water bottles with you. Additionally, you should lower the number of plastic bags you use can also be of great help. Instead of plastic bags, you can get reusable shopping bags.

Use lightweight baby strollers

Baby strollers can help you go from one place to another without driving and trying to find a parking spot. If your baby is too small, you can opt for a baby carrier as well. Also, you don’t need to bring a regular baby stroller you use. Instead, opt for a lightweight travel stroller that can fit into the car. Walking is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, and baby travel gear can definitely ensure that you’ll walk more and drive less.

Use public transportation or rent a bike

If you’re planning a longer stay, using public transportation surely counts as an eco-friendly way to travel. If you cannot walk, then opt for a bus or a train since they use less fuel per passenger compared to cars. Even better, you can rent a bike and ride from place to place. Bicycles are green, and they can help you move faster, by using the strength of your own body. You can also attach a baby or a child seat to a bike. There’s nothing more fun than exploring a new place while riding around as a family!

To sum up, eco-friendly travelling is not a fad. Travelling green is a great way to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. You can modify these tips to your liking, but always remember that anything you do towards the greener planet is important and has an impact.

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