Tips on Hosting a Sophisticated Summer Soirée

Do you know how to host a sophisticated summer soirée? Here is a checklist!

host summer soirée

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Summer brings us tons of opportunities for fun and joy. Hot weather and sunny days are simply made for parties, music and good booze. There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm summer evening with a glass of cold drink in your hand, sitting on a patio in a comfy chair, humming the lyrics of a song coming from the background.

Wishing to organize a summer soiree yet?

Being a host of a sophisticated summer soiree is a great way to express your creativity and love for good food, drinks and fun. These types of parties are best if held outside, which is why summer is the ideal period of the year for that. A couple of tips will stir you in the right direction and make your party a truly memorable one.

Open seating is the best choice

Why forcing your guests to sit all at a single table? If you set up an outdoor living room and a couple of cocktail areas, people will be able to choose the area, mingle and visit each other. It’s the best option if you are striving to have a sophisticated, yet casual soiree. That way, the guests will also be able to sit in the sun or hide in the shade. Make sure the seating is cozy and lounge.

Another important thing is to have enough chairs for everybody and a couple of folding tables that can be easily moved so that the guests can set down their food on them.

Seasonal food and cold refreshments

host summer soirée

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The easiest way is to stick to seasonal fruit, herbs and vegetables. Start the party with a fresh lemonade with lavender or mint or muddled seasonal fruit. You can also offer some craft beers from your area and, of course, come up with a signature cocktail. Get creative and blend your own special cocktail. Cucumber water and sangria are also simple options that work great at parties like this.

Stop by the local markets and get seasonal food – it won’t be expensive but it’s an ideal solution. If you ask the vendors for their recipes or suggestions, they will be happy to tell you how they prepare certain meals. Stick to simplicity and fresh food – that’s the way to go.

Comfort above all

Your guests need to feel comfortable at all times. As it’s summer, you primarily need to take care of sun protection. In hot countries like Australia, it’s a must for everybody to wear sunscreen at all times, especially if there is a party in the open. So, provide your guests with enough sunscreen and make sure they are not annoyed with bugs and mosquitoes. Bug spray and citronella candles will protect you all in the evenings from the little pests.

The next step is to provide sufficient shade for all guests. Trees won’t be enough, so this is another trick you can steal from Australians. They are highly creative when it comes to sun protection – installing shade sails in Brisbane or sophisticated umbrellas in Sydney are highly popular for summer parties. Consider these types of sun protection and you’ll definitely have a unique solution.

Luxurious lighting for the warm evenings

You don’t need bright lighting – it will put your guests off. Instead, create a sophisticated atmosphere through low, mood lighting. There are many ways to achieve this; you only need to make up your mind. You can hang draped fairy lights in a single color or more of them or you can use scented candles and place them all around the yard and the patio. Not only will they shed romantic light but they will also spread light, soothing smell.

Play with decor

host summer soirée

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You don’t need a lot of money to have a lovely and sophisticated decor for the soiree. Nature can help you a lot in the summer in this case. Simply – get some seasonal flowers! Take a look around the yard or visit a farmer’s market – the most beautiful decor possible is within your reach. Decorate the tables and the patio with flowers. What’s best, they will last for at least a couple of days.

Complete the lively look with mud cloth, a table runner or burlap – they will provide texture and color to the tables. Choose a theme color that will be present in candles, potted plants, plates and napkins.

Final words

A sophisticated summer soiree can be a fun thing to organize. You just need to make sure that the weather will be fine that day and that you start preparing it on time. Get all the necessary items on time and check whether you’ll be able to get fresh food and flowers on the very day of the party. Everything else can be prepared in advance. Then all is left to be done is to enjoy!

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