Buying a Home with Kids: Principal Considerations

How to buy a home with kids? Here are the principal considerations.

buy home with kids

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Buying a home is an exciting process but when you have kids, it adds a layer of complexity to the home buying process. You need to take into account your wants and needs, but also those of your children. But not to worry. This guide will help you focus on what to consider when buying a home with kids so you can easily find the perfect home for you and your family.

Let your kids join you in house hunting

While leaving your kids at home during the house hunting process may sound very tempting, you shouldn’t leave them out entirely. You might consider involving them in the process when you’ve already picked your top choices and by bringing them along, your kids might actually notice key things you miss out on.

When you do decide to take the kids with you, consider driving in your own car as it’ll already be equipped with the car seats and all the other kids’ accessories. Also, try to see just one or two houses a time so the kids don’t get too overwhelmed or bored and definitely pick the time of the day when it’s not their usual nap time.

Involving your kids in the house hunting process is beneficial as it will prepare them for the move and it also gives all of you a chance to venture out into the neighbourhood and check its shops, restaurants, amenities and the daily life of the community.

Research local schools

If you’re planning to send your kids to a public school, you should pick your new home within the boundaries of a high-ranking school district. This will help you narrow down your search and keep you focused while house hunting.

Make up your mind on the house size and layout

If you’re planning to grow your family or you have kids already, a larger home seems a better choice. You will surely appreciate a bigger home that can house all your things plus your kids’ toys and sports equipment, hopefully in a designated playroom.

Another thing to consider is the home layout. It should correspond to your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you insist on sleeping close to your small children, then all your bedrooms need to be on the same floor. Also, if you love having friends and family over, what counts is the number of bathrooms, a potential guest bedroom and a bigger kitchen and a generous dining and living area to accommodate everyone.

This is quite a lot to think about when looking for a perfect home so consider relying on seasoned pros, as this Orange real estate expert, who can offer in-depth knowledge to help you find a home that meets your exact requirements.

Location really matters

In real estate business, location is the number one consideration. It really matters because it’s not just about being close to your kids’ school, but it also matters what type of a street it is and what kind of community there is.

By choosing to live in a city instead of a small town, your children will have access to cultural events but not so much to green spaces and nature. So, it’s ultimately up to you to sort out your priorities.

Inspect the overall home safety

With small children in the family, you must make sure the property and house are safe and can be additionally child-proofed. For example, houses with stairs are too dangerous for toddlers and small kids as well as split level homes.

Moreover, the outdoors needs to be as safe and child-friendly as the indoors. Properties with water features, a pond or a creek and even a swimming pool pose a great risk of drowning. In those cases, if you really like the property, you need to make sure those areas can be effectively fenced off.

Check out the neighbourhood

About half of all home buyers claim that a friendly neighbourhood ranks high on their wish lists when house hunting. So, as you tour potential homes, observe the area and maybe even reach out to some of the neighbours and have a friendly chat.

Take a look to see if there are other families with children in your preferred neighbourhood because then your kids will be able to make friends and live close to their classmates. Another important thing to check is the safety of the area which you can do by checking the crime rates online.

By researching the houses you’ll take your kids to see and by paying attention to details that are important for all family members, you’ll be able to find a perfect home where your children will grow up and thrive in the years to come.

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