6 Home Renovation Ideas This Summer

Do you feel idle? Want to do something productive? Then, here are tips which you can use this summer to make your home, even more, a better place to live. 6 home renovation ideas this summer.

home renovation ideas for summer

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Stay cool with cool roof painting

Roofs are one of the most important constituents of a house structure which protect us from the direct contact of the scorching sun outside in summer.  The difference in temperature during the day damages the roof’s membrane decreasing its useful life. Since it shields us from the sun’s torture, we need to equip it with a shield that will protect it. Cool proof paint comes to the rescue here. Need a guide? Here it is: Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide.

It has reflective properties that keep the house unaffected from the heat waves. Its chemical composition keeps the roof safe from wear and tear caused due to the thermal differences. In a broader context, it reduces about 15% of the cost of installing an air conditioning machine and gives about a 90% ROI. Environmentally, it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases which contribute to a great extent to the rising temperature in the atmosphere. Hence, be a warrior this summer to fight the heat and save the environment with cool roof paints.

LED lights – a smart move

All sources of light emit heat but they vary in the amount of heat they emanate. Surprisingly, the most widely used incandescent and fluorescent bulbs radiate about 90% of their energy as heat. They last for 1,000-2,000 hours, a waste in investment, whereas LED lights, though costly, have a useful life of about 30,000-50,000 hours. They remain cool and so are energy efficient. Their tiny size makes them fit anywhere. The colored and uncolored LED lights contribute to the beauty of the interior as well as keep the interior cool. LED bathroom lighting, lighting in drawing rooms, kitchen, borders of a mirror and so on are eye-catching places to look upon. So, why to wait? Play smart and upgrade to LED lightings in your home this summer.

Repairing garage door

If you feel intense heat while entering into the garage or hear a horrifying sound from the hinges of the garage door, then it’s a wake-up call for you to get the problem out of the way. Solve it by replacing the existing door with a new insulated one or simply  repair the garage door. The insulation shields the house from heat waves reducing cooling costs by costly external means.

It also acts as a safety measure to prevent any unexpected accident due to wear and tear of the old garage door and security measure to negate possible theft of vehicles and goods in the garage. So, be a savior with your garage door as a shield.

Lawns treat, memories sweet

What can be more mesmerizing than a family and friends’ get together on your lawn during summer evenings? So pick up grass cutters, wear the gardener’s cap and remodel your lawn into a beautiful hangout place.

Create space and spread white gravels all around it with chairs circumscribing the area. Put grasses and plant flowers of soothing fragrance, at the center of the space. So, raise the gardener in you and coffee in hand, gift your loved ones an attractive-cum-lovely castle of memories, this summer.

Tailoring bathrooms

Though tiny, bathrooms are the rooms whose inputs are dirty but outputs are clean and refreshing. A lot of essential things also go with the inputs. So, what about creating space in the confined? Why not. Install a small almirah containing multiple shelves, at a suitable place inside the bathroom. This will help in storing all the essential beauty and related products at one place and make bathroom mess free thus make it cleaner and feel spacious. So, this summer, raise the tailoring spirit in you and give pockets to your bathroom.

Fresh kitchen, happy you

Have you ever imagined home-made food without a kitchen? Then dare not to keep your kitchen messed up. How about utilizing the tiny space by increasing its productivity? Great idea, isn’t it. It’s not a big task though. Replace your cabinetry or if you don’t have one then get one. Paint your kitchen to make it feel fresh. Install carriers for carrying utensils and cooking materials. Use LED lights, and other energy-efficient appliances instead of the traditional gas cylinders. Clean or install the exhausting system in the kitchen. On the fun part, attach funny wallpapers and posters in your kitchen. Hence, this summer, be that caring person and treat your taste buds through gifting a renovated kitchen to the bread maker in the house.

Time is money. Utilize it to the best. Play Smart. Renovate. Rejuvenate.

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