Bedtime Stories to Inspire Young Girls

Do you know the best bedtime stories to inspire young girls?

inspiring bedtime stories

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For busy parents, multi-tasking is a must. You have to clean while watching the kids, catch up on your favorite shows while cooking, and check emails while getting ready for the day. Getting the most done for your children means combining some activities. That’s why reading your kiddos some bedtime stories with positive lessons is the perfect family time. Not only do you help your child wind down after a long day, but you instill in them the morals they’ll need to become a successful teen and adult.

Since it can be difficult for parents to find stories especially for their daughters, Sleep Advisor compiled this list of empowering stories for young girls. No matter her interests, there’s a story there that will help her dream big.

To help instill a positive self-image and confidence, there are stories that show her it’s okay to be yourself, exactly as you are. To show her that women can and do make a difference, there are stories of influential women across history like Amelia Earhart and Elizabeth the first. Not that there aren’t princesses on this list, too. There are modern fairy tales that show that not every princess has to wait around for her prince.

Check out the full list of inspiring bedtime stories for girls below, and show your daughter access  the positive role models she deserves.

inspiring bedtime stories

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