Dos and Don’ts of Renovating Your Family Home

Dos and don’ts of renovating your family home.

renovating family home

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Even though you’re still completely in love with your home, and you adore the neighborhood, the good location, the indoor and outdoor space you have available, there are still times when you wish you had a bigger pantry, one more room for the kids, extra storage space or some new colors to refresh the interior. All renovations are a welcome change however tiring they sometimes may turn out to be. Nevertheless, they are not to be rushed into, and being well informed about the most important dos and don’ts may save you both time and money while giving your home that much needed facelift.


…have all the permits.

If you’re planning some major changes in structure, like making new decks, fences or electrical systems, checking for permits is an absolute must. You do not want to go through all that hassle only to find out that your project needed the city’s or county’s approval. Not only will you have to put everything back the way it was, but there might be some fines included as well. Just to be sure, double check with your local government authority and, if necessary, acquire the necessary documentation before you begin.

…organize yourself.

Once you get the legal stuff out of the way, you can start planning. You need to take a good look at your home and be as objective as you can about your wishes. Your wishes need to match your budget, and there must be a well-defined time frame. Having a planned out timetable of projects is of vital importance in order for everything to go smoothly. Consider the practicality, as well as the design of the abode. After all, your projects need to fit the dominant style, especially when it comes to upgrading homes of historical significance and design. Now that you have the vision you’re determined to stick to, it’s time to get busy.

…bring in the pros.

If you’re having any doubts whatsoever about what the next step should be, do not hesitate to bring in the pros. That way you will definitely avoid devastating consequences you might experience by tampering with the plumbing or wiring yourself. Asking for professional help is well worth the investment. The experts will help you prioritize, save money on major repairs as well as give you some tips on necessary home improvements you haven’t even thought of. Sure, there are some things you can manage on your own, but keep in mind that handling a chainsaw might look easy enough on Youtube, but in the hands of a novice it is a highly dangerous tool.


…forget you have a budget.

Going over budget is something you should be prepared for. It is not uncommon at all to cross that line a little bit and most home renovators try to leave some wiggle room just in case. Some unavoidable expenses are bound to come your way, but keep in mind that it’s all part of the process. All the repairs affect your home’s value, and they will pay off handsomely in the long run. Consult your budget plan often and try not to let all the small purchases you make along the way add up.

… underestimate safety.

More often than not, homeowners are not in the position to relocate the family during remodeling. This means that everything is going on at the same time – your kids and pets running around while repairs are being done.

It is of utmost importance for the whole family to be aware of how dangerous some things might be. If you’re doing repairs yourself, never underestimate the importance of safety equipment like safety goggles or insulated gloves. Your kids and pets should stay away from construction zones and you or your contractors should store dangerous tools out of their reach. Apart from all this, you should make sure you have proper ventilation, a time schedule that fits your daily routine and enough know-how if you plan to tackle certain projects yourself.

… lose your cool.

Frustration is your enemy. It may cause you to make some costly mistakes, like making rash decisions which result in buying unnecessary items or worse. Remember that one wrong move might cause a chain reaction and much-unneeded work. It might even drive you to take on some projects yourself, which, unless you have the necessary qualifications, is most certainly a disastrous decision. If you panic over the budget and hire the cheapest contractor, for example, you might be getting low-quality materials, workmanship or warranty, which is only as good as the company which stands behind it.

If you don’t let the excitement and stress get the best of you, you will be able to actually enjoy the whole process of creation. Be both practical and creative, sit down with the whole family and listen to their wishes and suggestions. Inform them about safety measures and set certain rules everybody should stick to for their own good. It just might be a good idea to find your pets a place to stay for a while. Even if you consider them part of the family, explaining the safety rules to your dog is out of the question.

However daunting the process may be, the end result will give you great pleasure. You finally remodeled your house into your dream home, and all that’s left for you is to sit back and enjoy it for a great many years to come.

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