All About Getting a E-Visa for Canada 

Travel to Canada – Electronic travel authorization required.

E-visa for Canada

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What is a Canadian Visa?

Canada is one of the countries that a lot of people desire to visit due to its development popularity and good deals in Canada. The country is in the North American continent, just above the United States. All people visiting a foreign country must have a visa, and Canada is not an exemption. A Visa acts as a document to show that one is legally permitted to travel to a country and stay there either temporarily or permanently. The Canadian embassy in your country must clear you after satisfying them that you are eligible to visit the country.

A temporary Canada visa will allow a visitor to stay in the country for a limited time with most purposes mostly for tourism, studying, family visits, and work. The temporary visa has a maximum stay time of six months and can either be of single entry or multiple entries. Holders of Permanent Visas can live in Canada permanently and are also eligible for Canadian citizenship. The most common permanent Visa for Canada is the Canada Express Entry Program which enables people from around the world to apply for immigration to Canada. However, choosing the right type of visa, getting all the documents ready, and applying for immigration isn’t that simple and easy. And if you want to maximize the possibility of getting approval from the Canadian embassy, you need professional assistance from Canadian immigration consultant services to organize all processes for you.

Understanding E-Visa

ETA is an entry requirement for visa-exempt visitors traveling to Canada by air. Visitors can use the eTA-linked passport for up to five years. Foreign nationals with valid eTA can visit Canada as often as they wish, but that depends on authorization by border services officers. These officers will always ask for your visitor’s passport and must be convinced that one is eligible to enter the country before allowing them in.

The Visa for Canada application can be an online application, or one can do it in person at a Visa Application center. All you need for an eTA Canada application is a valid passport from a visa-exempt country a valid email address and an acceptable method of payment. The online application is a straightforward process, but some applicants are required to submit some biometric information depending on their country of origin. Applicants with this requirement must physically visit a biometric collection service point to provide a photograph and fingerprints. Online applications are only made for one person at a time meaning that one will submit different forms when applying for different applicants even if they are they are traveling together. Go to their website here to learn more on how to apply.

Who needs an eTA to enter Canada?

An eTA is a requirement for travelers from countries that do not need a visa to visit Canada. Another condition is that they should also be traveling to Canada by air. Travelers from a visa-exempt country visiting Canada by lands such as by train or bus do not need an eTA. Those who also have a Canadian visa, permanent residents, and Canadian citizens do not need to have an eTA to enter the country.

Students and workers from visa-exempt countries who have a study or work permit get their eTA automatically and do not need to apply for it. U.S citizens visiting Canada also do not need a visa or eTA even if they are traveling by air. A U.S passport is enough for them but the U.S permanent residents must have an eTA and their green card to move to Canada. Canadians with dual citizenship and permanent residents do not need an eTA to travel to Canada by air, but dual citizens are required to carry their Canadian passport and a permanent resident card for the residents.

The application process

The online eTA application process only takes a few minutes to complete, and the document is issued a few minutes later. One can even make the application at home because you only need a device with an internet connection. One can make the application through the immigration website, but they will get the eTA approval via their e-mail address. Do not give up when it takes longer to get approval because some may take a few days especially when you are asked to provide additional documents by the regulation of visa authorities.

Always enter the right passport number when filling out the form to avoid complications when entering Canada. You will do yourself a great favor if you counter check passport number in your email once the eTA is approved. The right passport number is the one on the page that has your photo. Always remember to carry your passport even if you have an eTA approval because you will have to present it at the airport before your flight to Canada. Remember that you cannot fly if you don’t have one.

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