Top 10 Places To Hit Off With Your Bike

Get set go!! Top 10 places to hit off with your bike this season for internal satisfaction.

places to hit off with bike

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Looking for a way to combine both thrill and relaxation for your vacation? Exploring the most exquisite and beautiful parts of the world on the back of your bike is a fantastic way to spend your holiday. This season, collect on memorable experiences and Instagram moments by travelling to one of the best biking destinations in the world.

South Africa – Cape Town

Our first spot on the list is from the land of beaches, lush Winelands and craggy cliffs, South Africa. Cape Town has held the title of one of the best holiday destinations in the world and for good reason. This scenic town not only offers splendid views and wine but a calm cyclists haven as more and more people switch to bikes.

The terrain offered here is diverse and open to bikers of all levels, from beautiful views to rugged mountains.


places to hit off with bike


Italy – Gavio Pass

The birthplace of corsets, Italy is our next stop on the list. As we all know waist training corsets can be worn while riding the bike as they support your body to improve posture and also help in losing belly fat. If you’re perfectly fit then internal satisfaction can easily be achieved. . Gavia Pass (Passo di Gavia) is a high mountain pass in the Italian Alps. It is most popular among visitors for its biking trails on hard and dangerous terrain. At a height of 2621m above the ground, the popular cycling routes are rife with beautiful views and dangerous trails. This area is also home to two beautiful lakes, Lago Nero and Lago Bianco. There are two ways to reach the summit. One of them is Gavia Pass (from Ponte di Legno) which is considered tougher and features 15 hairpins and a tunnel while the other, Gavia Pass (from Bormio) consists of gentler slopes.

Norway mountains

The Norway Mountains provide an adrenaline rush unmatched by any other as you bike your way through its scraggly trails. The terrains in this land range from high mountain peaks to forest land. The Hafjell Bike Park is a well-known park in this area as they hosted the mountain bike world championships in 2014. Other well-established biking trails include the 100 km stretch of single track at Trysil Bike Arena, Arendal single track at Tungvekteren, and a forest trail at Nordmarka.  

Scotland – Comrie Croft

Comrie Croft, a destination in Scotland with many awards to its name, includes rustic hotels, accommodation and facilities for camping. A vacation here combines all the thrills of adventure sports and activities such as wildlife spotting, mountain-biking and hiking. They offer not only the trails for mountain biking but also information, coaching, workshops and much more! There are various difficulties attached to the trails they offer from moderate to severe. They include off-road trails as well as gravel and road routes.

Japan – Minami, Kyoto

Minami, Tokyo is a hotspot for bikers and cycling enthusiasts all year round. Combine a tour of the rich culture and surroundings with the thrill of biking together in this city. Two rivers, the Kamo River and the Katsura River flow through the district creating a calm pleasant atmosphere. The city is rich with bike shops and rentals allowing you to plan a scenic tour of the city on a bike.

France – Provence

places to hit off with bike

Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

Bordered by Italy and the Mediterranean Sea gives this spot an almost unfair advantage in beauty. Lavender fields and back road routes make the bike ride extremely pleasant. The months between May and the end of September is the best time to head to Provence. Come spring and the fields will be awash with bright red poppies. A little later, in June and July, the city turns a glorious purple as the city’s famed lavender fields bloom. Pack spare clothing and food. The wind in Provence is far from soothing and you do not want to be miles away from the nearest village when your stomach rumbles. Antioxidant foods are a good healthy choice to carry with you on long biking trips.

Spain – Mallorca

Mallorca is the land of world-renowned beach resorts, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and land perfect for cycling. A mix of simple and challenging routes, this area provides biking trails for both beginners and professionals. Due to its popularity, there are a lot of world-class sports hotels, bike rentals and training camps set up as well to help you along your adventurous trip. The peaks of the Tramuntana Mountains provide a challenging set of routes for the more experienced the gentle slopes of the coast is perfect for beginners.

Ireland – Glencar Valley

Combine your love for history and ruins with the endless thrill of biking at this perfect location in Ireland. This area is quite popular with tourists for its quiet country roads, calm lakes, green valleys and scenic villages. Perfect for a peaceful and idyllic cycling getaway, this area also offers historical monuments such as ruins of the Abbeys and Cavan Burren, an area dotted with relics from the iron age and the bronze age.

India – Rajasthan

A cultural bonanza paired with good food, picture-perfect landscapes and atypical terrain, India is quickly becoming a popular tourist spot for cycling enthusiasts. Cycling through the northern cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Pushkar allow you to be a part of this cultural experience as well as visit famous temples and historical monuments. The city is at its best between the months of October and March.  

Germany – The Rheinhessen

places to hit off with bike

Known for its incorporation of cycling into the daily life of its citizens, Germany is one of the best places to visit for a biking trip. The Rheinhessen offers scenic route peppered with vineyards along the way. Perfect for both solo or romantic trips, this spot is a mix of stunning landscapes and pretty wine villages. There are several routes available including those that follow the course of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. Look out for historical houses and castles on your trip here!

While planning for a biking trip, be sure to carry comfortable clothing, limited luggage and a decent camera. Pick one of these amazing places on our list based on your distance from the location and your budget and gear up for one of the most relaxing and unique vacations of your life!

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