6 Reasons Why Your Family & Kids Will Love a Long Trip to Hong Kong

6 reasons why your family and kids will love a long trip to Hong Kong.

long trip to Hong Kong

Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Hong Kong is a stunning city with more than enough fun activities and interesting sights to keep both you and your kids occupied for a long time. It has a unique culture, and the education programs are among the best in the world. In short, no matter how long you choose to stay in Hong Kong, you’d definitely enjoy it. In fact, you might fall in love it so much that you’ll decide to go the extra mile and stay for longer. With that in mind, here are six reasons why you and your family would love a long trip to this amazing city.

You wouldn’t be alone

No matter where you’re from, there’s no way you could feel lonely in Hong Kong. There are so many people of different nationalities, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find an expat community. Doing so could help you fit in, you’d surely make some friends, and it could help you become more engaged in the community, in general. Of course, such communities can also give you some helpful tips and help you find your way around the city. Additionally, there are a lot of tourists all year round, so it’s really not hard to find people who speak your language and whom you can hang out with.

It is great for raising kids

Kids love Hong Kong – it’s big, it’s lively, and there’s always something going on. It’s also filled with great schools and various educational centers, so your child would definitely get the best possible education. Plus, if your child is still very young, it should be easy for them to learn the language. Moreover, there are many outdoor classes that focus on teaching the language through context, games, and practical examples. Most importantly though, other kids are very friendly and interested in foreigners, so your kids should fit in easily.

Finding a job is not difficult

If you’d like to earn some money while on the trip, and you know English very well, you should consider joining the team at the educational center Monkey Tree in Hong Kong. Here, you can get all the certification you need for teaching English in the country. Plus, you should know that learning English is quite a popular – and in some cases even necessary – skill, which is why you would surely have more than enough work. This is also why, even if you don’t want to teach English, the knowledge you gain at the center would be valuable no matter which career path you choose to pursue.

The food is excellent

long trip to Hong Kong

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

When it comes to food, you can really find anything from fast food to healthy meals. Even the pickiest of the eaters would find something that suits their taste in Hong Kong. Of course, some of the dishes might require some getting used to if you’ve never tried them before. However, there are many familiar dishes if you still prefer your typical western cuisine. Also, if you love tea, you’d definitely enjoy it here even more.

You wouldn’t be bored

While the first image that comes to mind when thinking about Hong Kong might be the tall skyscrapers, there are also plenty of beaches, theme parks, and museums. Whether you’re into exploring the culture or just having fun, you would never be bored in this city. The nightlife is pretty lively as well, if you’re into partying. If not, you can always go for a peaceful walk surrounded by nature in one of Hong Kong’s beautiful gardens. Finally, there are many opportunities for shopping as well.

It is a very safe place to live

Hong Kong has a very low crime rate and a very professional and helpful police force, so it’s safe to say that it’s one of the safest places in the world. The only thing you might need to be careful about is potential scams when shopping, like fake goods, for example. Moreover, the locals care about their environment, which is why the streets are usually very clean and well-maintained. Furthermore, public health care is good, and it’s not hard to find great doctors, even those who speak English.

Hong Kong is a very dynamic city that is filled with opportunities, and it’s a great place for staying on a long trip and even living. So, if you want to spend some time in a city that really can offer you and your kids everything you need for a quality lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with Hong Kong.

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