Is Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth

Is chocolate bad for your teeth?

chocolate is bad


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I fall in love with chocolate every time I see it.

This is true for most of us today. The love for chocolate is endless and if we have a box full of chocolates then for sure we will not end up having just one. They are an addiction which is hard to get off. The delicious and smoothening taste can help you get out of any emotional turmoil.

Since childhood, we have been told to not eat chocolates as they harm our teeth and will make all our teeth fall out. Though we do believe in this statement yet did nothing about it. Such is the love for chocolates.

So let us discuss the sweet delicacy which had been our favorite since childhood. Let us understand if they really harm our teeth or are do they cause no harm.

If you visit a dentist and they find cavities in your teeth, the very first question asked if – you eat a lot of chocolates which as a result harm your teeth causing cavities. They create havoc on your teeth and cause more harm than good. However, recent studies have found that dark chocolates are actually good not only for the body but also for your teeth.

Let us not confuse these with any chocolate. For example, milk chocolate has high sugar content in it. When consumed the sugar in milk chocolate hangs around the teeth which them becomes breeding ground for the bacteria present in the mouth. They produce acidic content which if not washed on time causes the tooth enamel to break leading it to decay-causing cavities. But this whole mechanism is not followed by dark chocolates.

Sure the ingredients of dark chocolates has sugar content in it but the prime ingredient present in the dark chocolate is cocoa bean husk which counterattacks the sugar content. This primary ingredient is a special compound which not only fights with the bacteria but also prevents plaque formation on the teeth. Due to these reasons, dark chocolate is also called as Nature’s Cavity Fighter. Some researches believe that dark chocolate compounds are even more effective than fluoride however, there is no final saying with it. Not only do the prevent cavity formation but can also prevent bad breath by neutralizing the organism that causes bad breath.

The ratio of cocoa to powdered milk in dark chocolate is 70:30 and is therefore called as real chocolate. The antioxidants present in dark chocolate apart from being healthy for the overall body helps to fight gum disease.

It is due to these facts that some dentists now advise to consume dark chocolate after meals as this decreases the acid attack on your teeth. This then balances the effect neutralizing the same.

Milk chocolates, however, are still a big no when it comes to oral health. The sugar content on milk chocolates is very high which attracts bacteria. The problem today is that people prefer milk chocolates more than the dark chocolates and they are sweet which soothes the taste buds.

The craze of milk chocolates is high in kids today. The dark chocolate on the other hand not being sweet is not preferred. This is the main reason that kids develop cavities which can prove to be harmful. It is required to make your kids develop the taste of dark chocolate so that if ever they have craving for chocolate they can get on with the dark chocolate. This is a healthy alternative to satisfy their taste buds.

If your kids have already developed the taste of milk chocolate then moderate the amount of consumption and make sure you take them to the dentist regularly to keep a check on their Oral Health. You nearest kids dentist is trained to deal with the children. Dentistry for kids is altogether a separate field wherein the dentists are given special training.

So next time you crave for chocolates go for dark chocolates and fight off with your cavities.

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