5 Perfect Studio Apartment Layouts That Work

Studio apartments are al the rage these days. They are convenient, easy to maintain and quite secure. Here are 5 perfect studio apartment layouts that work.

studio apartment layouts

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Decorating your studio apartment is something that can be more than fun. From the furniture and wall décor to the accessories, there is so much to do! The only simple rule that you need to remember is, decorate your studio apartment in the way that it looks more prominent and more open.

Following are the few perfect layouts for your studio apartment. Have a look:

Wall décor

When decorating any space, start with the walls first. The first and foremost thing that you need to do here is to choose a color scheme. It could be any color from the pastel palette since the pastel shades can make your space look open and more significant.

Once you are done with choosing the color scheme, paint your walls or merely go for wallpaper. Wallpapers are relatively inexpensive as compared to wall paint. There is a wide range of wallpapers available in the market these days; thus, you can quickly get a suitable one.

Make compartments

You can separate different areas in a studio apartment with the help of dividers and make compartments. Make sure the dividers are not very tall or broad, and they should not occupy a lot of space.

One smart way to separate your lounge and bedroom is to take help of a bookshelf. It is something that can contribute to your studio apartment’s décor as well, making it look a lot more stylish as well as well-organized.


Don’t forget about the rugs. A rug is one thing that can add warmth to your space in less than a few seconds. No matter how dull or gloomy your place appears to be, a rug can add that missing pop of color instantly. In all the home accessories, a rug is considered one of the must-haves. So get your hands on one as soon as possible.

The best rugs are made in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and they are exported all over the world. You can check out some great homemade Pakistani rugs here.

Create a mini art gallery

An art gallery is a perfect thing to add to your studio apartment. It can include anything, from paintings to mini sculptures. Make sure your art talks loudly about diversity in the world.

Apart from that, you can personalize your place by adding your family pictures as well. Just choose the pictures with most memories attached and get it framed. You can even convert your own pictures in art pieces by creating a sketch of them. Isn’t it wonderful?

Keep it minimal

Last but not least, keep it all minimal. Remember that ‘less is more’; hence, you should never overload your place with anything, be it furniture or accessories.

Invest in furniture pieces that are multi-functional, for example, an ottoman that you can keep in your lounge for seating and use it for storage too as well as a sofa cum bed that can be used as a couch in the lounge and at the same time, can be converted into a bed as well to sleep and rest at night.

Happy Decorating Everyone!

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