Small Cities Which Can Be Explored In 1 Day

Small cities which can be explored in one day.

small cities to visit

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Travelling is a fantastic experience, no matter the destination. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming, arriving in a foreign city that sprawls out in every direction. You may have a laundry list of attractions, sites, and restaurants to see and not know where to start.

That’s why the smallest capital cities are the best choice for one-day excursions. You get an immersive experience that doesn’t last more than twenty-four hours, allowing you to enjoy the world while never being too far from home. Let’s discuss some of the most beautiful capital cities to explore.

Valletta, Malta

If one of your goals is to get away from the steel and chrome of most modern cities, consider Valletta. The capital city of Malta is the home to less than ten thousand people and some of the oldest, most diverse architecture still standing today, with some buildings dating back to the 1500s. Wandering Valletta for a day is like being transported back in time. The harbor, the gardens, and the history make for a unique and unforgettable trip. Whether you prefer ancient sites or deep caves, Valletta has something unique to offer.


small capital cities

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There are easily more than 9 things to do in valletta to capture the spectacular beauty of the city. You can explore the hilltop settlement of Mdina, a hilltop fortification that looks like it was torn from the pages of a fairy tale. Vines grow over the low walls, and the setting sun makes the whole structure glow. The most famous of Valletta’s twenty-five churches, the Mosta Dome, saved the lives of hundreds of people during World War II, when a bomb fell through the dome but did not detonate. It is one of the largest domed churches in the world. The San Anton Gardens will leave you breathless, with ponds, an aviary, and a breathtaking citrus grove. Inside its walls live trees that are more than three hundred years old. A story accompanies every step around Valletta. History seeps from the stones, at every turn. For writers, historians, and musicians, Valletta are a muse.

Prague, Czech Rebuplic

The perfect mixture of historical architecture and modern city life, Prague is also one of the less expensive capital cities to visit. You can get a room at a highly rated hotel for around $25 a night. Popular among younger tourists, Prague’s concert halls, music clubs, and breweries are never empty. It is a vibrant, energetic, modern city studded with historic architecture and art.


small capital cities

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The Old Town Square has been around since the 10th Century, and it’s still alive and active today. Within the Square is the Old Town Hall, where a gilded three-story high astronomical clock keeps track of time. Adorned with golden statues, the watch has a sense of magic about it. The Vltava River runs deep and blue through the heart of Prague. You can take a load off your feet and explore the city from the river while you relax on a tour boat. Should you grow tired, a cafe is never far away. Fun, modern, and artistic, Prague may steal your heart.

Nice, France

The sun, sand, and the city can all be yours, should you choose to visit Nice. The “capital” of the French Riviera, Nice has been a tourist destination for generations of travelers. There have been so many English visitors, the longest promenade along the coast is named the Promenade des Anglais (the English Promenade). A little taste of many cultures, you can walk through the Rossetti Square for Italian ice cream, then wander over to the archaeological museum in Cimiez to look at Roman ruins. There is even a massive, beautifully built Russian Orthodox Cathedral, the only one of its kind outside of Russia.

Mont Boron will give the best scenic view of the city and the harbor, but if a walk through the woods is not your style, there are more than six museums in Nice, including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice. The pebbly beaches may not be very comfortable to run across, but the warm Mediterranean sunshine and impossibly blue ocean make the Nice beaches ideal for sunbathing. The seafood is fresh, and the range of cuisine ensures that there is always a tasty dish for you, no matter the style. If you’re looking for a sunny escape, look no further than Nice.


small cities to visit

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This list may be concise, but that doesn’t mean that these are all the options! The world is a vast place, with many different cultures, languages, and lands. Small cities mean more precious, more immersive experiences, but most cities don’t stay small for very long. Don’t delay! Get out there and travel!

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