Hidden Gems You Didn’t Know Existed in Sydney

Hidden gems you didn’t know existed in Sydney.

hidden gems in Sydney
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Sunbathed on the Bondi Beach? Check. Took a selfie in front of the famous Opera House? Check. Climbed the Harbor Bridge? Double check. As much as all of these, and many other iconic Sydney stops are absolutely worthy of finding themselves on your bucket list, Sydney actually boasts quite a repertoire of excitement, relaxation, and fun for all types of travelers. You’ll find the foodie relishing the local delicacies at a hidden little café, and the nature lover enjoying a stroll in a nearby nature reserve.

In short, Sydney truly has it all. While it would be untrue to say we could ever be bored of the classic Sydney sights, the alternative, less-known ones have a rather unique appeal to them, especially for those who prefer a smidgen of seclusion. Let’s take a look at several spots in Sydney you can add to your must-see checklist for your next trip!

Door Knock

The grown-up, and certainly tastier version of Alice in Wonderland, the bar by the name of Door Knock is as mysterious as its location. First of all, this little place proves that happiness is sometimes both about the journey and the destination, so once you do conquer the entrance, you’ll actually enjoy the menu beyond your wildest dreams. It takes some ingenuity, tips from the locals, and you’ll embark on a tasty treasure hunt of your lifetime.

Once you find the elusive Pitt Street stairs to begin with and pass through the hallway, you’ll be greeted by, drumroll please, a brass pineapple. The legend says you need to knock on the pineapple three times and you’re in! Treat yourself to a Sydney-approved cocktail and mingle with the crowd.

Find the White Rabbit

One more Alice in Wonderland reference, and we’re well into another mysterious nook of Sydney. This time, the enchanting city should take you to the Chippendale suburb, an up-and-coming area loved by hipsters, artists, and especially curious tourists. You can even make it a theme and stay in a Chippendale hotel in Sydney instead of your typical CBD place – and you’ll have the joy of cruising with the locals, sans the crowds.

In addition to pristine accommodation, the area has so much to offer to any art aficionado. Head to the White Rabbit Gallery to view some of the finest Chinese contemporary art. It harbors the works of over 700 artists, and as such, it’s a true masterpiece of the city, and an homage to art. If you’ve been to every Sydney museum in the book, this one should be your pièce de résistance.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Greenery is a big thing in Sydney, and you’ll find a park, a natural reserve, or a garden around just about every corner in the city and all of its suburbs. Sydneysiders appreciate the refreshing effect trees and other plants have on their sultry climate, and you’ll find them enjoying the warm breeze in many of these natural gems – including the Paddington Reservoir Gardens.

This little oasis is truly a perfect picnic spot if you’re traveling with your kids, as the area is a heritage-listed site, once a mere water supply, and now rich with plant-imbued archways and a pond smack-dab in the middle of the garden. You can relax, explore, take a few memorable photos, and soon join the bustle of the streets buzzing above the garden.

Milk Beach, Vaucluse

Once you’ve seen Bondi and perhaps dipped your toes in the famous Icebergs pool, you might feel that you’ve seen them all. However, every single Sydney coastal cove deserves your attention. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family with kids or you’re simply in need of a perfect vacation spot for you and your bestie, Milk Beach in Vaucluse should be one of your next destinations.

You’ll easily find it nestled in Hermit Bay, an aptly named spot considering that it’s truly a hidden, secluded gem easily overlooked due to many other beaches. Although you might not encounter a celebrity here, you’ll certainly enjoy the peace and quiet of a small beach, and you can snorkel, picnic, and simply bask in the sun.

This vibrant metropolis will always attract tourists from all over the globe, but its most precious hideouts remain mostly undiscovered by the vast majority of the population. Use this list to make your Sydney explorations more diverse, and spend some time getting to know the true Aussie lifestyle of this majestic city.

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