It’s Fun to be a Fitness Mamma

It’s fun to be a fitness mamma: how to find time and motivation for exercise?

how to be a fitness mamma

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All dedicates mammas out there always put their kids and home chores in front of themselves. And very often the excuse “I don’t have time and energy to exercise” tends to overwhelm working moms. Little do they know that when you push yourself just a little bit and find time for a quality workout, you will boost your mood and have more energy to survive the day and week. Any form of fitness stimulates our bodies and fills us with positive energy needed to deal with any obstacles that lie before us. What is more, working out can be extremely fun! If you still have doubts, just read on.

Start off with a plan

First things first, you ought to make a clear plan or schedule and stick to it. Good organization will only make thing easier. When you have a steady plan, your brain will immediately get the message of what is supposed to be done, and automatically you will try your best to do it all. And you can do it! For instance, after work, pick up kids from school or kindergarten, and drop them at their grandparent’s and hit the gym. Or you can schedule your fitness class in the evening, as your husband to look after the little ones and go for a jog around the neighborhood. The most essential thing is to organize your free time neatly so that you can finish all the daily obligations.

Bring kids along

Okay, this might sound totally impossible, but believe it or not, it can be a win-win situation. We all know that kids have an abundance of energy, which cannot be said for working moms, so why not use up that energy and combine them with your fitness time? It is a great idea to both spend time with your kids, have fun together, and for you to do your regular workout routine. Find the fitness place where they have a daycare station or a playroom for children. Go together to a local park and like the play, you can do a set of 25 squats, a few jumping jacks, or bring a skipping rope for good cardio. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, only make sure that you predict the best time for exercise. Since kids can get grumpy if they are tired or hungry. You do want to have a good time together.

Think fun and variety

Switch your thinking and view exercise as an investment to your health and positive wellbeing. If you are not a big fan of big-spaced gyms, then opt for something more intriguing and fun. When you start exercising in a more fun way, you will definitely feel more motivated. For the beginning you can all get affordable electric bikes and hit the road for an entraining and beneficial time together, then come home and play some exciting music and start doing chores while dancing. Fun right? You basically blend the house cleaning with burning calories as you move. Having that in mind, you can all together enroll in some fun disco dance class. If you have girls they will certainly enjoy this, and for boys, you can ask their football coach to let you run a circle or two around the pitch as the boys have their training. Do the activities that get you going. Change methods and try a variety of exercise routines because only in that way you would stay motivated.

Workout from home

Don’t settle for the fact “easier said than done”. It can be done, and that is the way to stay motivated and not quit with the regular exercise routine. Exercising from home actually has numerous advantages. In the first place, no driving to the gym and back and you will save loads of money since you won’t be paying the gym membership (here is the first motivational factor). Then, your kids will always be under your careful eye, and of course, you can delegate your free time and responsibilities much more productive. Find exciting and effective video workouts to do like salsa, Zumba or even pilates. You can get a few weights or kettlebells and do some weightlifting. What is more, cardio kickboxing is extremely effective. All you need is the boxing heavy bag and a pair of boxing gloves. You can imagine that you are hitting your boss, and believe me you will surely have loads of fun.

A mindful exercising

There are days when you don’t feel ready to do some high-intensity workouts, but that doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t do any exercise at all. On the contrary, you can do some mindful workouts that will ease up your muscles and tension as well. Doing yoga or meditation can be the best ways to still do some exercise and improve your state of mind. Yoga is really effective for whole your body. If you still wish to take a break from an active workout, you can take your dog and invite your kids and go on an easy brisk walk together. And when you return home, feel free to reward yourself with a glass of wine. You are a mom and a working one for that matter. It is okay to skip high-intensity routines from time to time.

As an active mom, you will have more energy to run around after your children. Doing some form of fitness can be fun, especially when you know that you are contributing only beneficial effects to your health and body. View exercise as a great example of having a healthy family.

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