How to Introduce Your Children to Scroll Woodworking

How to introduce your children to scroll woodworking?

scroll woodworking for kids

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Using a scroll saw to create a wood project is a fantastic way to introduce your children to woodworking. For older children that are in double-digit years, you can teach them how to safely operate this machine. They will be able to create beautiful finished projects while learning hand-eye coordination throughout.

Benefits of scrollwork

Scroll sawing is a very popular hobby for many, and it’s easy to see why. The saw itself is not very complicated to use. And, unlike so many other power saws, a good scroll saw isn’t very expensive and doesn’t take up very much space.

A scroll saw is relatively easy to learn how to use and is not a complicated machine. While it does have a moving blade, it is one of the safer saws on the market. Scrollwork is intricate, which means that it takes hand-eye coordination. Your child will learn how to use their hands to build something tangible.

The process isn’t quick, teaching patience. As such, it also teaches children how to work to complete an entire project. All of these reasons make scrolling a fantastic project to introduce to your older children.

Teaching your children to scroll

Teaching your children how to scroll starts with ensuring they understand how to do it safely. From there, you can pick a pattern and start on a project.


Scroll saws have sharp and fast-moving blades. Even though they look relatively harmless, it is still very easy to hurt yourself without being careful.

Videos on how to use a scroll saw show effortless movements, but the blade can pose challenges if you get your fingers too close. These saws are best suited for middle and high school children, and their work should be done under adult supervision. Instruct your child to keep their hands far away from the blade, and only select simple patterns that don’t require intricate cuts.

As they progress in their skill and get older, you can start to introduce more complicated designs. Safety is vital, and with some education and precautions, your child can learn how to handle this saw safely.


One of the great things about scrolling is the abundance of free scroll saw patterns that are available on the internet. You don’t need to be a designer to produce an excellent piece of woodworking with your scroll saw.

Selecting the right pattern is important. For starters, as we mentioned in the previous section, different patterns are more difficult than others. When first starting with your children, pick an easier pattern.

Easier scroll templates have big, sweeping turns, rather than tight and intricate cuts. Patterns like stars and crosses are fantastic introductory projects.


One of the best projects to start with your child is to create their name. Lettered signs are popular and in style. In addition, letters are large and safe to use a scroll saw for. Finally, when completed, your child can hang their finished work on their wall or place it on a shelf in their room.

Search and find the type of letter font that you want. You also want to determine how large you want the letters, and make sure you print properly. Adhere the letters to your wood with a spray adhesive. It helps to go over the pattern with clear packing tape to ensure it stays in place.

Once you’re done creating the letters, you can stain or paint them for added flair and finish.


You can use pretty much any wood with this saw. Depending on what you’re going to do with the finished product, you’ll want to select from cheaper or nicer wood.

Cheaper wood like plywood works alright for non-intricate designs and can be painted over for a nice look. Don’t use plywood for complex patterns, as the glue in the wood doesn’t hold up well to tight turns. Wood-like cherry and walnut are wonderful to use and creates an amazing finished product. It is also a lot more expensive, so make sure your child has some experience before using this type.


It’s hard to say what is the best part: watching your child learn how to create a wood project or the finished project that results. Either way, with the proper focus on safety, this is a great craft project to do with your children.

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