Why Crafty Mums Will Love Having Their Own Heat Press Machine

Why crafty mums will love having their own heat press machine?

crafty mums have heat press machine

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As many mums, you have tons of creative ideas rolling around in your head. A creative mum, like yourself, can change any mundane item to something special for her little ones. The ideas are churning, but you need some tools and machinery to bring those ideas to life, and owning your own heat press machine can do that for you.

A transfer machine is used for printing or embedding pictures or design onto products like t-shirts, mugs, paper and even glass. When we think of heat pressing machines, we remember having to search around town for that one shop to embed a picture on an item. But not anymore, as these machines are getting more popular and easier to use than ever.

For the crafty mum in you, just have a look at some of the great ideas that you can do with the machine.

T-shirts and more

Children wear out their t-shirts like there’s no tomorrow. They are in ever need of them from the time they’re tots till forever. We all love wearing t-shirts and we know how pricey they can be. You can save a small fortune when you put designs on your own t-shirts and almost all other types of clothes. Literally, any design can be pressed onto a t-shirt and the only thing that limits you is your creativity. Personalized t-shirts with names or lucky numbers written on them are going to be a real joy for young kids.

Mugs and cups

You can never go wrong when making personalized mugs for your family or to give them out as gifts. Now, not all machines are created equally. Some are better for odd-shaped items. Some are better if you’re planning to make large quantities of an item, and some have everything in one. Because technology has changed the ways these machines work, it’s best to read heat press reviews to know which suits you most. Many people have gone on from a simple hobby into creating their own successful business with advanced and sophisticated new machinery available.


For older kids and teens, a super design on their skateboard is all they need to stand out from the crowd. The best thing is that they can choose just what they want, and let mum do the rest, or let them join you in this entertaining and fun craft.

Tote bags

Which little girl, or big girl for that matter, wouldn’t love a tote bag with her favorite design on it? We can safely assume that a tote bag by itself is pretty bland and boring. But a design or anything catchy will spice it up in the minutes it takes to make one.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with a heat press machine. They’re simple to use and it’s always a positive to show off something you created and not just store-bought. That creative and fun side of you will show in everything you make. Plus, it’s not a far-fetched idea at all to start your own business from home, you crafty mum you!

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