Kid-Friendly Paver Patio: Design Considerations

Kid-friendly paver patio: design considerations.

kid-friendly paver patio


Once a young family with kids has moved into their very first family home, most of their budget will be blown on interior design, diapers, soccer shoes, kids’ clothes and minivans. There won’t be much left for the patio in the backyard, but this is exactly the space that can give so much in terms of quality family time. Here are several tips on how you can design a kid-friendly paver patio and ensure that your family will be able to have lots of fun outdoors.

Build a landing

In most cases, homes have steps that lead down to the patio, but they’re often designed with form in mind and not functionality. With little ones living in your home and at least three steps leading onto the patio, make sure you also include a landing to step on as you go outside. Small kids aren’t very careful when they rush outside to play with their hands full of toys, so they easily trip. With a landing, even if they do fall, it’s just one step instead of three or four.

Ensure a clear line of sight

A kid-friendly backyard will probably have, at some point, a swing set, a play set, pool or a trampoline, so it makes sense that you can see your kids while they enjoy their play. In your planning stages, make sure your grill nook, bar area, planters and bushes do not block your views. Keep a clear line of sight and a free passage way to the back of your yard, so that if necessary, you can get to your kids in a matter of seconds.

Choose the right patio furniture

The old saying that you get what you’ve paid for is particularly true for patio furniture. If you pick colourful plastic resin chairs, they’ll look great for a couple of years, but being out in the sun, they’ll soon become brittle and lose their shine and vibrancy. Pick carefully when you’re purchasing your patio furniture and look for sturdy, hardwearing pieces. They need to be durable not just because of the weather, but because a lot of people will be using them, including your kids.

Make sure there’s enough seating and storage, so pick an ottoman with casing under the seat as it has a double function, a bigger coffee table and several poufy cushions or floor mats for kids to sit around and do their arts and crafts outdoor. This doesn’t mean that because of your kids’ needs you must give up style. For instance, current outdoor furniture in Sydney is characterised by a relaxed style of coastal living.

Include a fire pit

Fire features have become a very popular backyard item recently and now more than 50% of homes have one. Both for adults and kids, there’s something very captivating about fire and it’s just a fun idea to spend evenings by the fire roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, telling stories and making memories. Whether it’s a built-in or moveable fire, a brick fire pit or a classic fireplace, they’re a fun and inexpensive way to add more interest in your patio area.

Provide shading

If you’re not that fortunate to have your patio facing the east or north side of your house, when the summer heat strikes, you’ll need to ensure your patio has proper shading in the afternoons and evenings.

Your kids are probably going to be spending a lot of time in the backyard and you’ll want to be there with them, so do everyone a big favour and provide proper shade from the relentless sun. There are many options to choose from today, from pergolas and pavilions, shade sails and umbrellas.

With a few finishing touches and details such as colourful lanterns, string lights, potted plants, a cute vertical garden, a durable rug and a hammock, your family and kid-friendly patio can become your home’s focal point and everyone’s favourite hangout spot. With the tips listed here, you’ll have a breeze designing a patio that will serve you well in the years to come.

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