Planning An Excursion For The Schoolies

Planning an excursion for the schoolies: what all to keep in mind?

planning school excursion

Image by Aaron Cabrera from Pixabay

Learning can come in so many forms. The classroom isn’t necessarily a singular thing filled with desks and boards to view notes and other content affiliated with the lesson. Sometimes the classroom can be taken outside of the proverbial classroom.

Getting out into the world and experiencing trips with your classmates is something that is exciting and fresh. Lectures, reading assignments, and discussions are all very fun and do a number of positive things for the mind. Sometimes that form of learning can become stale and stall out, however, and sometimes people need a school trip to keep the learning fresh and fun.

Options for trips outside of the school building are varied and wide. They can relate to several topic areas and create a fine place to learn and simultaneously have fun. There are tips to a successful class trip and anyone involved with the planning process will want to take it very seriously.


Planning is important to a successful class trip. Health and safety is always the first concern when it comes to staff and students. The planning process has to not only involve a destination that will be stimulating to the senses, but also one that ensures safety for those involved.

You also want to make sure the students are engaged when out and about in the new environment. That is something that can be done through interactive worksheets and things like scavenger hunts. Find age-appropriate destinations during the planning process and make sure to meet with those who have gone before you. Ask him or her what worked, what didn’t, and any sort of tips they can offer. Have a course of action for emergency situations and be prepared. School trips are one of those things where there can never be enough planning involved. Think of any potential risk and situation for success and find strategies that adhere to safety. Knowing medical information for each and every student is equally vital.

Prep the schoolies

Prepping the students for where they are going, what they will be doing when they get there, and why they are there will provide peace of mind for them. Preparation is going to be important for students as with staff. The more prepared the classroom is, the higher the likelihood of success. You will also want to advise them on what they should bring with them on the school trip.

If you are going to be out in nature on your trip, it should be advised that they pack a shoe that will be perfect for the terrain. You don’t want them in attire that is better suited for the beach than the forest. Do they need to pack a lunch or will you be back at school for that? Make sure the schoolies understand what they need to bring and what to expect during the outing. Prepping the students and parents will help keep everyone on the same page and understanding should be had by everyone involved.

Get help

It becomes quite a difficult task for the teachers to manage the kids when it comes to an expedition at new places. Having a helping hand becomes helpful for teachers and the staff to manage the children. Along with it is a sure thing that kids are going to make a lot of mischiefs and run away anywhere in groups to different hideouts. It’s a sure thing schoolies travel in bunches and a teacher can’t easily handle a myriad of students roaming around a new and spacious environment.

This is why chaperones are needed to help make the trip the best possible outcome. Find a chaperone that is going to follow protocol and help add positivity to the experience is something you want. You simply will have a nightmare if a chaperone isn’t watching the kids and one slips away and gets lost. Things will be far more enjoyable and run smoother if a proper chaperone is had.

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