Sports and Safety Surfaces are Being Introduced into more UK Schools

Sports and safety surfaces are being introduced into more UK schools.

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There have been several debates and discussions regarding the use of grass on children’s playground. Some parents and teachers have been hesitant about letting school kids engage in sports, in the fear that the grounds are not safe. Injuries on playgrounds are inevitable at times. One of the roles of playing is to allow them to explore the environment and understand their bodies and mind. It is all about taking risks and making inevitable mistakes.

However, the concerned authority is doing all it can to reduce risks and the severity of injuries. While harm may not be eliminated, its severity can be minimized, and today, sports and safety surfaces are being introduced into more UK schools.

Causes of accidents

One of the major causes of injuries on the playground is falls. This is mainly as a result of a poorly designed playground. While falls might be unavoidable, the extent of the harm caused by the incidence is significantly determined by the nature of the field.


Injuries in kids while at school are a sensitive matter and most parents do not take this lightly. The situation could get worse, and the child ends up with a knee jerk reaction. A study by Professor David Ball prepared for the UK Health, and Self Executive is one worth noting. The research concludes that the use of appropriate play surfaces is one of the most effective ways to enhance playground safety. Although there has not been any mandatory requirement for schools to install impact absorbing surfaces, consideration of their use has proven to be a good management practice.

Most schools have already shifted to this practice, and now, a lot of schools already have the safety surfaces installed. Some of these measures include;

  • Rubber surfacing – after several studies comparing grass surfaces against other kinds, the conclusion has been that there are more advantages of using rubber surfaces over the standard grass. Rubber absorbs impact better than grass, and the results will be minimized injuries after fall.
  • Macadam surfaces – this kind of surfacing is rising in popularity not only for its safety enhancement but also, due to its easy maintenance. It is best for tennis and netball fields due to its ball bouncing trait and an anti-slip texture.
  • Artificial-grass – it is the best for rugby and football fields. The surface is installed on anti-shock pad which helps in preventing joints injury resulting from impacts during matches.

Synthetic turfs and artificial grasses have shown their undeniable ability to minimize playground risks and injuries. Parents no longer have to live with the fear of their kids getting injured. No more paranoia, they can confidently let their children participate in their favorite sports with the assurance that they will go back home as good as they left. Games are an excellent way of improving the learners’ mental health and enhance better brain functionality, and this is why playing has been given much attention in schools. There are also reliable installers who have made this easier and ensured that more schools in the UK have these facilities. Do not be left behind. Make the right choice for your school and include playground safety in your next to do list.

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