6 Incredible Ideas For Easter Candy Packaging

6 incredible ideas for Easter candy packaging.

Easter candy packaging

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Easter is approaching and we are all geared up with the necessary requirements—candy baskets, chocolate coated eggs, Easter egg hunting games and more. Among all this, did you figure out how you are going to decorate the eggs this Easter? Make it special by involving your kids to creatively craft decoration for packing Easter eggs that would amaze the guests on the big day.

Various brands endeavor to come up with the best Easter packaging ideas to attract customers and sell their products. It includes a wide range of options from exclusively designed eggs to carefully crafted bunnies and chicks. Goodbye to old times when coffee mugs were all filled up to the brim with dye. Instead of that, we have gathered some interesting, easy home-crafted DIY packaging ideas to decorate the Easter eggs and make your efforts steal all the limelight. Make it all more special by crafting the packaging on your own.

Design characters – themed event

Let your child go creative with the eggs and paint his favorite characters on Easter eggs such as minions, bunnies, chicks, Harry Porter, and more. It is one amazing way to engage those little creative heads into something worth doing. On Easter, when they will earn special appreciation for the hours of effort, they would definitely feel special, confident, and develop a positive self-image of themselves.

Clamshell packaging

Clamshell packaging is sturdy and stiff so paint it and fill it up with sticks or crepe paper strip and place the chocolate eggs or candies in it. You can close the lid to preserve the food inside as well.

Handcrafted cardboard boxes

Learn to craft card boxes in a thousand ways and fill them up with colorful chocolate Easter eggs. If you have utilized a tin can and wrapped it in a beautifully patterned sheet, you can add a rubber bunny as an added bonus to the container. Add strips of crepe paper to give the containers or card boxes a nest-like look to place eggs on top of it. You can chocolate coat dried cranberry, pistachio, and other nuts to prepare healthy snacks for the Easter. After that, you can keep them inside the metal or cardboard containers.

DIY paint-dipped easter egg cups

Dip the egg cups into different paints to give them a funky look. Package the Easter eggs or candies into some glitter sheets to give them an alluring look. You can also paint the Easter eggs as per your choice to add more fun to the Easter preparation. Place the egg cups with candies or eggs on the kitchen counter and give your home an exquisite look!

Ribbon holly gift boxes

Outline the cutting and folding areas to make the final box. It is a small container to gift to the kids in the house. Fill these boxes with Easter candies or chocolate eggs in the middle of strips of crepe paper. Take a green ribbon and tie it on the opening with a red bead in it to give it a cherry-like look. The cardboard can either be a plain or self-printed as per your requirements.

Mason jar candy holder

Take a Mason jar or candy jar and fill up the base with crepe paper strips to provide a cushion to the egg candies. Fill it with egg candies and colorful bunnies or chicks to add more fun to the jar. You can place the candy jars on a plant pot that is placed upside-down to give it a candy machine look.

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