Packing Checklist for Flying with an Infant

Packing checklist for flying with an infant.

flying with an infant
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Most parents are fond of travelling home and abroad. Without having infant, it is much easier to fly independently without being tensed for the kids. But with having an infant while flying, it is not so much easy. As a parent, you need to take care of you and your kid. You need to prepare your baggage thinking of you both and you know, it is a tough job to select which to take and which to ignore while flying. A packing checklist for flying with an infant is provided below that can be of great help to you.

First of all, think of the things that are essential for the child like crib, diaper. Let’s go in deep!


First thing you need to take is diaper. Take multiple diaper for your child. Besides including diapers, make sure of taking travel putty, cream, hand sanitizers, disposable diapers, pull ups, changing pad, and plastic bags for keeping used diapers so that everything remains neat and clean. Taking extra diapers is good. But keep in mind that “NOT SO MANY EXTRAS”. Don’t include lots of bottles of shampoo, cream, lotion etc. Buy containers that are travel friendly. Avoid taking many disposable items in the baggage.

Travel crib and other things

Infant cannot sit in the airplane seat. You need to ensure your kid’s safety by taking travel crib with you. It is not possible to bring regular travel crib that you use in home. Buy portable travel crib before flying. Do not forget to keep crib bed. Take travel cooler with you. It will help you to store the breastmilk. It will help you tremendously if you have extra bottles of milk. Also keep travel car seat and travel stroller with you. Avoid taking a huge baby stroller and car seat. Maintaining a massive stroller and luggage is difficult.

Feeding tools

For feeding, include baby bottles, baby spoons, cups, bottle brush, powdered milk, Sippy cups, extra pacifiers, small bowls for cereal, and breast feeding pump and accessories. Take blanket or shawl for you if you need these while breastfeeding. If you opt for bottle feeding, keep sanitized tools with you on board.  Keep homemade or readymade foods like rice cakes, fruit bars, and breadsticks for your baby. Although there are some restrictions on liquids, baby food and liquid are exempted from the restrictions. Keep extra foods and supplies in the bag for whole journey thinking of unexpected delays.

Health kits

First aid kit box is essential things to be kept while flying in order to avail instant treatment of your baby initially. Beside the first aid box, keep recommended medicines with you for both of you. Note important contacts like insurance and emergency helpline, local police helpline, hotel phone numbers etc. Include cotton swabs, allergy and painkiller medicines, vitamins, oral rehydration liquids etc.


You must take multiple clothes for your baby. While choosing appropriate clothes, select those which are cool and comfortable. Take hats in order to cover your kid’s neck and faces from sunshine. Put nappies, nappy rash cram, bags and wipes in the bag. To avail changes on the go, you can keep a travel changing mat. You need blankets for your baby. But blankets are heavy in nature. So, it is better not to pack lots of blankets. Avoid taking few clothes for your baby. Clothes are necessary for babies, so take extra clothes for your baby.

Toys and entertainment tools

Kids are fond of toys. They like entertainment everywhere. Keep some toys, of course soft toys, in the bag so that your kid can play in the journey. Soft toys are highly recommended because it can’t hurt the babies accidentally. Stuffed doll, coloring book can be other suitable things to consider. Babies like rhymes, dance, fun games etc. In order to entertain your kid, download some of their favorites music, rhymes, and fun games. These sorts of entertainment are required kids are awake and cry frequently.  You can also pick magazines, books, notepad with you for yourself. Don’t go for heavy and hard toys. Also avoid taking lots of toys and entertainment tools for your baby.

Document and others for parents

Don’t forget to take your passport and legal documents like driving license, vaccination documents, health and travel insurance documents etc. Also include ATM cards, address or phonebook, reservation confirmations. Besides these things, pack charger, power bank, cameras, flashlight, plastic bags, waterproof bags, headphone etc. for making the journey safe and enjoyable.  

Whatever you are going to include, note that most important thing is light backpack with necessary things is highly recommended. Take time before flying with your baby and prepare yourself. Check whether necessary things are packed or not. Take care of your baby during flight and have a good journey!

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