5 Hobbies For Moms With Some Free Time

5 hobbies for moms with some free time.

hobbies for moms

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For many moms, the idea of having some free time can seem like a far off dream but it is important that everyone has some time to themselves every now and again. There are many different hobbies that you can take up that will give you something to focus on when you need some ‘me time’ or when your kids are at school. To help you with this, we have put together some ideas of hobbies that you can try out. Keep reading to find out more about this.


If you love escaping into a story, then you will love taking up reading as a hobby. You can read anything you like during your ‘me time’ so make sure to pick up some new books or buy a Kindle and start reading more often. On top of this, you should make sure that you have a nice relaxing space to enjoy your reading time. Find a quiet spot in your home or in your garden and enjoy this new hobby.


Moms can do DIY too – and it can actually be quite exciting. Think about all how creating something new or fixing up an old piece of furniture can be incredibly rewarding. Why not think about designing and building a metal building or simply redecorating your garden shed? If you want to go down the metal building route, the provider Armstrong Steel supply steel building kits that are very easy to erect (with 75% of their customers assembling them by themselves).

Try out some DIY in your mom time and see just how fun it is.


If you have a reasonable amount of spare time away from your kids, then you should think about taking up hiking. This is perfect for those who live near some hills or mountains that they can use to escape. You’ll love walking up the top of the hill and taking in the beautiful views. This should also help you to appreciate where you live even more, and you’ll have some time to think without the distraction of kids.


Moms are known for their baking skills but if you haven’t quite figured this skill out then why not try? Baking can be really fun, and you can feed your family some treats when you manage to get the hang of it. Start off small with some simple cakes or brownies. If you fancy learning a bit more then you can go to a local class where they’ll teach you some baking skills.


Our final idea is for moms who want to get out and have a bit more exercise. Cycling can be really fun, and you can even go for some rides with your friends. You’ll get some fresh air, freedom and explore your local area. Cycling can be really fun so make sure to find that old bike of yours and start cycling today.

If you are a mom that needs some ‘me time’ make sure to try out some of our hobby ideas. You’ll love spending some time with yourself and clearing your head from time to time.

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