5 Habits that Make You Feel Positive and Confident

5 habits that will make you feel positive and confident.

feel positive and confident

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Feeling positive and confident is sometimes all you need to lead a healthy and fruitful life. Positive thinking has so many health benefits from increasing immunity to fighting depression that it is an acceptable way of improving the quality of life. Of course, it will take time to start practicing this behaviour, but by doing it one step at the time you will get there.

Learn to say ‘No’

People say ‘Yes’ to a lot of things that they don’t want to do just to make their surrounding happy or to be appreciated more. Even the simplest things like going to the movies, or drinks can be burdening sometimes, but you may be afraid to say ‘No’ to not disappoint others. However, like in all things, it’s important to find a balance between saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’

Doing things that we don’t want to in order to be accepted or praised by others can actually damage your confidence. Instead of worrying about what others will say if you refuse to do something, think about yourself and how you feel. Others may ask you to do something, but they can’t order you around and you have a say in the decisions you make.

Start your day with an exercise

The recommendations by health officials say that exercising 150 minutes per week will keep your physical and mental health in check. But, this exercise doesn’t have to be anything severe and even something mild will do the trick. Running or yoga in the open in the morning will help you fire up the synapses and produce feel-good hormones.

Even a good stretching can do a lot for the body and mind in the morning, even before you had that first cup of coffee. You may feel reluctant to exercise in the beginning, but after just one week you will feel the benefits of being active and moving. Just choose the type of exercise that you feel comfortable with and you like doing to get used to the new morning routine more easily.

Don’t depend on social media

Various psychological studies suggest that social media is responsible for depression and low self-esteem in users. Moreover, people spend hours reading the news feeds and posting things that they don’t have time for face-to-face interaction. While social media is useful for many things, it has a negative side that can significantly affect the positive thinking and ruin confidence.

In order to stop this from happening, hide, unfollow or unfriend accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Decide to spend a limited amount of time on social media and start hanging out with people more. Having a heart-to-heart conversation is still much better than reading statuses and going through pictures online.

Take care of yourself

In order to feel positive and confident, you need to take care of your health physically and mentally. Regular visits to the doctor and dentist will take care of the basics and help you prevent certain conditions. As one Wollongong dentist specialist clinic likes to point out “a brighter smile gives the impression of youth, vitality, radiant health, happiness, and warmth.”  

However, there are some aesthetic interventions you can also do in order to improve your self-image and feel more confident. Teeth whitening procedure is very popular and will give you bright smile that will open up your face. Additionally, making regular beautician and hairdresser appointments will help you keep a positive attitude about the way you look.

Join a charity

We live in a world where things like climate change and wars present real dangers to humankind. While you can’t do anything on a big scale, you can be one of the smaller pieces in a big movement to change the world. Start by helping others who have less than you and are affected by bad circumstances in their lives.

Start by donating clothes and food to homeless shelters, refugee camps or the church to give to the poor. If you are able, join the cause by working at the soup kitchen or helping animal shelters by becoming a foster guardian. Once you see the magic of helping less fortunate, you will feel grateful for the things you have and can share with others to make the world a better place.


Having habits that make you feel positive and confident will improve your life and make it richer. Of course, you can’t do the things you like all the time and sometimes you have to make compromises. But it’s all about using the right to say “No” and taking care of yourself that will help you make the wise decisions.

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