Facing The Winter Blues? Try Hygge!

Facing the winter blues? Try hygge!

hygge against winter blues

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Winter can be full of short days, long hours spent inside and dealing with cabin fever. One way to combat the downfalls of the season is embracing hygge, the Danish practice of transforming your home into a cozy space for rest and relaxation. Pronounced somewhere between “hue-ga” or “hoo-gah,” hygge is all about comfort and contentment to get through long winter months.

Hygge often means tons of candles everywhere, blankets and pillows made in plush fabrics and soft lighting. However, it also prizes quality time spent with others and finding contentment in your home. The beauty of hygge is that it means anything that you personally find cozy and that brings you comfort. Which makes it perfect for the full range of what winter has to offer, from enjoying surprise snow days or planning some self-care time as a mom!

Snow days

For unexpected days at home, make memories by taking advantage of the rare snow day. Togetherness and enjoying the season with friends is a major part of hygge, so invite friends over for the fun or create a lasting memory as a family. What better way to dethaw after a fun afternoon of sledding or building a snowman together than hot chocolate cozying up in soft lighting for family movie night?

Extra throw pillows and blankets are perfect for snuggling on the sofa and your favorite activities as a family. If it’s too cold to go outside have a lineup ready of family favorite games and also a few that kids can do independently to give parents a break. Think DIY snowflake making, baking cookies, board games and building pillow forts!

On the flip side, if this is a rare day home for the family, maybe try and tackle one or two projects that you haven’t had time to complete. Hygge is all about minimalism and surrounding yourself with only cherished items and clutter is known to impact mental and physical health. Having all hands on deck for the entire day can make light work of clearing out closets or organizing a room that’s been needing attention. Snow days could be a great chance to declutter as a family and check one more thing off your list!

A minute for mom

Not only is hygge perfect for creating family memories, but it can be an excellent way to transform a space into a calm haven for moms to enjoy and relax.

While the main living areas can be transformed into winter wonderlands for kids, moms can also take advantage of the lifestyle year round by carving out a space for just themselves. A place to read, meditate or even just enjoy a snack in peace, the beauty of hygge is that it’s as personal as it is adaptable.

Once the kids are in bed, keep the lights low in the main living area and take over your favorite chair and unwind from the day. Put your feet up, try diffusing lavender oil or a heat pack on your neck. Listen to soothing music, catch up on your favorite shows or whatever brings you the greatest feeling of contentment. Even if cleaning might bring you a sense of calm, remember sometimes a night to fully relax can do just as much for mental health as a sparkling clean kitchen.

Alternatively, if you want to keep a similar bedtime routine as the kids, there are simple ways to redo your room into a bedroom hideaway. Put yourself first and make sure you have a comfy mattress for restful sleep, Netflix, face masks or even time spent recapping your day with loved ones. Pick out soft bedding, plush pillows to settle into and remember cozy PJ’s aren’t just for kids either! Deck your room out in all the ways that speak to you to make it into your own personal haven.

Whether you hygge as a family, or put it in place as a way to recharge, make it special to your home, family and what you want to enjoy this winter!

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