Green Home Improvements that Add Value to Your Family Home

Green home improvements that add value to your family home.

green home improvements


Since our environment has definitely seen better days, it’s no wonder that green home improvements are gaining so much traction. Families with kids are becoming more conscious of the impact their homes have on our environment, which is why many of them decide to embrace green home improvements.

Not only do these improvements make their homes far more eco-friendly, but they also really boost the value of the property. So, if you’re considering implementing some of these changes, here’s what you should do.

Save electricity

The first thing you should take care of, if you are trying to green up your living space, is electricity waste. On average, households waste almost twice as much energy as they actually need, so it’s quite obvious why this should be your starting point. Aside from implementing smart and energy-efficient appliances and technology in your household, you should also consider installing solar panels, especially if the area you live in experiences a lot of sunshine during the year.

Even though some people might see this as a huge investment, the amount of money you’ll manage to save on electricity bills will make it pay off very soon. And not only will you be saving more money on your bill, but you’ll also be putting the infinite resource – solar energy – to good use. This is definitely one of the most attractive green updates that will boost the value of your property significantly if you ever decide to sell it.

Save water

Water is another resource that we tend to waste in our households, but unlike solar power, this valuable resource is definitely finite. That’s why some people find it mind boggling why others choose to waste water is such amounts. There are numerous ways you can save water in your household and they include replacing your water fixtures, installing a grey water system and collecting rainwater.

The fixtures you should install in your home include showerheads and faucets with aerators, as well as dual flush toilets. The grey water system will allow you to recycle and reuse the drainage water for flushing your toilet, for example, and the rainwater collecting system will make it possible to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation. Needless to say, all of these also have the power to boost your property’s value on the market.

Make sure that your home is safe

Next, you should definitely inspect your home top to bottom to make sure that it’s safe both for you and your family and the environment. For starters, make sure you test the walls in your home and ensure that they don’t contain any harmful particles such as lead or asbestos.

Further, inspect the soil surrounding your home, as well as other construction materials used to build your home, by contacting reliable professionals, such as these Brisbane-based geotechnical consultants, to ensure that your home is free of any toxic materials. However, if it turns out that there are some harmful materials in or around your household, these experts will help you remove them safely.

Green up your garden

A staple in almost all eco-conscious homes is an eco-friendly garden. However, in order to make sure that your garden is truly green, you’ll have to run some tests and implement some new solutions to your gardening habits.

First and foremost, inspect your soil and see if it’s safe for growing herbs, fruit and vegetables. If it’s not, know that there are numerous soil treatments you can use to make it more favourable. Next, create a smart irrigation system that will use the rainwater you’ve managed to collect whenever possible. Finally, make sure you grow mostly native plants to minimize the maintenance required.

As you can see, these were the most popular green upgrades you can implement in your family home that will not only boost its value on the market, but that will also make it a much safer environment for you and your family. Additionally, lowering your household’s carbon footprint will help you become a part of the movement whose goal is to preserve our planet and make better and healthier living conditions for future generations. And in this day and age, that has become easier than it ever was.

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