The Importance of Creating a Special Space for Kids to Learn and Play

Why is so important of creating a special space for kids to learn and play?

special space for kids

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We all need our little piece of heaven in our home. It might be great reading chair or the gazebo in the garden. It is the one place where go to rest, read and just clear our mind. Well our kids are the same, they need that special space where they can just be themselves, play and learn.

It is our job, as parents to create it for them. There are so many different ideas and styles we can implement to make that space as perfect as possible. Just pick a corner and start!

Listen to your child

Things that we consider fun or interesting might not be for our kids. So in order to make the perfect special space we need to consult our main inspiration, our child. They will definitely be happy to lend you a hand when it comes to the theme, colors and accessories. It is up to us as parents to balance those ideas with the practicality of the space that we are going to create. Make sure that you include their favorite toys and cartoon characters in the design, and don’t forget to leave enough space for playdates with friends. A kid’s room can become overcrowded at times.

Some important design points

When creating a special space for your child there are several design features that need to be included. It should be located in their room, and make sure that the doors you get are easy to open and close, but do not include the key, at least while they are still very young. The perfect option could be sliding barn doors which can add a unique and creative twist. Next, the location within the room needs to be well lit and preferably near a window. Those paint and glue fumes from arts and crafts need to be aired out as soon as possible. Finally, the color palette, opt for light and neutral colors like yellow and green, and then include some fun accessories, like a blackboard, or a some bright colored pieces of furniture.

Include your child’s health in the mix

If your child is going to spend hours playing and learning in their special place, it is important that they have a healthy environment and ‘working’ conditions. Choose a reading chair for your nook with just the right amount of lumbar support. The height of the desk is also important for their posture while sitting and learning. In addition, try using natural materials when decorating as to minimize your child’s exposure to any type of dangerous paint vapor. Finally, include an air purifier in your child’s room to make sure that the air quality is just right.

Add the right accessories

First time parents usually get very excited when it comes to buying new stuff and a child’s room can get quite cluttered. So when making the ideal space make sure you add the right type and number of accessories. For example, a few pillows that can be use for sitting on the floor as well. Then make sure you include just the necessary furniture, children need to have enough space to move around, and too much furniture can prevent that. For learning purposes it is great to include a bookshelf filled with great reading materials. In order for your child to learn how to clean up after themselves they need to have enough locations to do so. So boxes and cupboards with drawers are necessary. Just make sure that they do not take up too much space.

By creating the perfect special place for your child to spend time learning and playing, you are allowing them to become more independent and free. They are getting a safe place where they can express their creativity and acquire knowledge at the same time.

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