Driver and Passenger Stereotypes That We Can All Relate To

Driver and passenger stereotypes that we can all relate to.

car driver and passenger

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

We’re all guilty of it…we start driving and we forget all about the other drivers on the road. We focus on where we’re going and how quickly we need to get there.

From the moment you back out of your driveway you’re at the mercy of other drivers – a wide variety of personalities all sitting behind the wheels of their vehicles.

You’ve got the tailgater, that appears out of nowhere, riding the back end of your car even though you’re already driving over the speed limit. Or the driver who honks when you’re not making that turn fast enough. And then there’s that driver who conveniently forgets the rules of the road and won’t let you in on the merge

Don’t forget about your passengers – usually your own children. They can also be defined according to what they’re doing as they sit in the car beside you. The wiggler, reaching into the back seat, nudging you with an elbow as you try to stay focused on the road. Or the one that insists on listening to music at a deafening level.

What’s the best way to deal with all these unique road personalities? Take a deep breath, don’t react, and pay attention to your own driving so you don’t become one of “them”.  

Next time you’re driving see if you can spot some of these quirky personalities on the road, both in the driver seat and as passengers. Just don’t get too distracted as you watch in awe when the young lady next to you is applying mascara.


car driver and passenger

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