Get The Best Options For Your Kids Dental Implants

Get the best options for your kids dental implants.

dental implants for kids


Dental implants have played an important role in the field of dental health since two decades, as they have proved to be a boon for restoring missing teeth. They are as important in the dentistry field as much in the cosmetic industry. It is not all science and understanding but also planning and surgery, i.e. combination of art along with that of the experience. Dental implants are made of titanium which is firm but lightweight and human body does not reject this material, as most of the bone implants and dental implants are made of titanium and its alloys.

Why to get dental implants?

  • It is difficult to figure out after implantation which teeth are natural ones and which are dental implants. Also, titanium has this fusing property with living bones, so as an implant is inserted during any surgery procedure, it will strongly fuse with your natural bone over a period of few months. You will be able to eat, laugh naturally without any difference and it will not move or shift like other dental procedures.
  • It has the longest life if  teens maintain its hygiene and take proper measures to keep it intact. They will be fixed to your jawbone and will not alter their position which can last almost for a lifetime unlike other dental procedures.
  • When a tooth is missing or lost, the bone below it begins to melt, as it is a living tissue and needs stimulation which is provided by dental implants.
  • Safe alternative for other teeth as it does not affect other teeth health and is easy to take care of.

What are the types of dental implants?

Widely classified types of dental implants are following:

Endosteal implants – These are fitted directly into the jawbone and once the surrounding gums are healthy, a second surgery is done to connect the post to the implant and finally artificial tooth is attached.

Subperiosteal implants – In this procedure, a metal frame is fitted into the jawbone above the gums through which the post protrudes and after the gums are healed, the artificial tooth is then attached to it.  

How to keep kids dental implants healthy and lasting?

  • Maintain good oral hygiene, both with or without implants. Regular brushing and flossing using flexible brush to reach hard areas of implants to keep them clean and healthy.
  • Avoid Chocolates , as it is bad sign and loosens the dental implants which results into implant failure. Also, avoid chewing on hard foods, as they may tamper those dental implants.
  • Regular dental check-ups and cleanings ensure good condition of implants, teeth, and detection of any diseases beforehand.
  • Rinsing mouth with antibacterial mouthwash or the one prescribed by your dentist will keep your teeth and dental implants healthy.
  • You will be given pain killers for a week after implantation, as it may pain or cause discomfort.

When gums do not heal properly around the dental implant inserted, the sign of implant failure is showing. It will move consistently when the teens  eats or smiles. Otherwise, swelling, discomfort, and infection may be a sign of implant failure but not always is the case. The main reason of implant failure is improper bone growth around the implant.

Kids Dental implants have proven to have many merits over other procedure of tooth restoration along with being pocket friendly, as compared to other dental procedures for missing tooth or loss of teeth. The front-end cost may seem to be high but they last for almost a lifetime and are indistinguishable before natural teeth and have minimum maintenance only follow normal oral hygiene.

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