6 Exceptionally Cool Hobbies for Teenagers

6 exceptionally cool hobbies teenagers will go totally crazy for.

cool hobbies for teens

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It is true that teenagers these days are notorious for being lazy and being addicted to the social media, being hungry for likes and attention. But do you realize that some good can also come from this hunger of validation? Some teenagers can actually channel their need to post something on the social media into something productive that they can do for it.

Apart from Instagrammable hobbies, teens these days are also desperately looking for things that they can do that their parents will approve of that are also a lot of fun. So here are some amazing options you can choose from and inch your teenager to look forward to enjoying:


Biking can be a lot of fun for people of all ages. It is a sport that is still going strong what will all the Olympic events and marathons that take place all over the world.

So ask your kid if they would want to ride a bike. If they approve, get one for them and watch them zoom past you. It could also prove to be some excellent outside time that children desperately need. In fact, you can also get your teen one of the best electric scooters; check out this page, instead of a bicycle as well, if you want of spice up their life a bit more.


Art is an amazing form of creative expression. The great thing about art is that you can start at any time and any skill level. Once you start drawing, you can actually get better and better at it as you move along. You can draw, sketch, paint, do craft work or anything.

In fact, art is not only limited to these things. Art also includes things like playing music and writing which to are amazing forms of creative expression that many teenagers would love to pursue.

Open mic performances

Open mic performances have taken the world by storm with the comedy game of the world improving tenfold at least. Open mics happen in a lot of bars, restaurants, and clubs. You can write a piece of comedy, poetry, a skit, or anything else and then perform it. If you are planning to go professional, you can take note of the audience expression. Otherwise you can simply do it for the joy.

Community service

A lot of people find community service to be amazing because they get to help people and clear their conscience. Other than that, community service time also helps you to find new people and make friends as well. It is required and appreciated in college applications too, so if you are planning to go up, you can really look into it.


Driving around town while being alone with your thoughts is an amazing past time for everyone who can drive. However, for most teens, it is a very new experience, and it can put them in touch with their emotions quite a bit.

So, if you can trust your child not to do something shady, ask them to drive around town to cool off a little now and then. You will notice quite a change in their temperament.


Baking is scientifically proven to be therapeutic. It can help people to curb their emotions and who needs more emotional curbing than our teenagers?

Baking makes you feel accomplished because you create something amazing from very basic ingredients and there is something very therapeutic about that. So get your child all the cooking and baking supplies that they can get their hands on and see as they dish out dessert after dessert for you.

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