Best LEGO Sets For Kids

What are the best LEGO sets for kids?

LEGO sets for kids
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LEGO are great to collect, but they’re possibly even more fun to play with. That’s why they’re perfect for kids. Building LEGO can be a rich activity, opening kids up to all sorts of possibilities. They can build and create tremendous things out of these tiny, little bricks.  

Furthermore, building LEGO can develop children’s problem-solving skills, and may even help advance their communication abilities when they play with others. Whether they’re set-building with instructions or free-building from their own imaginations, both experiences can be fruitful to their development.

Beyond the instructions, free building is an especially productive and fun exercise for kids to explore their creativity. This phenomenon is what LEGO often inspires, and why loyal enthusiasts keep on coming back for more. You can nurture your children’s inventiveness, and also allow them to share their wonderful ideas. Who knows what their little minds can come up with?

With so many picks to choose from, we’ve narrowed down for you the best LEGO sets for kids.       

Ages 1-2

LEGO Duplo My First Fun Puzzle (10855)

Animals are all the rage when kids are just coming into their adolescence. Everyone remembers. Tigers roar, wolves howl, and cows go “moo.” At ages 1-2, we can’t think of many sets better suited for a child’s probable introduction to LEGO. “My First Fun Puzzle” comes in 15 larger, interlocking DUPLO bricks, which is perhaps safer than traditional bricks for your little tike. The set features five animals; a tiger, giraffe, alligator, zebra, and flamingo. Additionally, each animal is simply assembled from three pieces. Just enough variety for kids to mix and match. But not too much to overcomplicate things for them. This is a perfect first LEGO set for small children.

LEGO Duplo My First Balancing Animals (10884)

Again, catering to the animal theme, this set also provides little ones with just enough variety without overcomplicating things for them. “My First Balancing Animals” is actually just about as difficult to build as the previous set. However, LEGO offers just a tad more complexity utilizing distinct shapes for the animal builds. The set comes with four unique animals; an elephant, tiger, monkey, and panda, which can all fit on a large, balancing red DUPLO brick. With a release date set for January 1, 2019, this set is an excellent new year’s investment for your kid.

LEGO Duplo My First Car Creations (10886)

“My First Car Creations” is a set for kids who simply enjoy playing a little more than building. It comes with four vehicles; a pet-friendly sedan, construction dozer, firetruck, and helicopter. The vehicles come in four bright, primary colors. They are also designed with functioning pieces for kids to actually play with. The ground vehicles each come with workable wheels. And all of the vehicles come with their own respective, functional accessories. For example, the sedan includes detachable luggage, and the helicopter offers rotatable blades. LEGO provides the right amount of variety for kids to mix and match for maximum fun.


LEGO sets for kids

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Ages 3-5

LEGO Duplo Creative Fun (10887)

LEGO DUPLO “Creative Fun” is a great set to continue fueling your kids building potential.  It’s more suitable for the younger of this age gap, but contains 120 pieces for a more fruitful experience. Children can build all combinations of shapes and structures from the 120 pieces. The set also includes a child LEGO DUPLO figure, bird, and a number of decorative bricks for variety.

LEGO Duplo Pizzeria

The pizzeria is fun-filled and full of life and color. Kids will not only enjoy putting this set together, but they’ll also enjoy playing with it. It has functional seats for guests and even an operable oven door. Three DUPLO figures are included for a variety of role-playing enjoyment. Also included are an assortment of decorated bricks and a delivery bike. The pizzeria is great fun for any young LEGO fan.

Ages 6-8

Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Doc Ock Diamond Heist (76134)

Marvel is currently on a hot streak of blockbuster movies. And lately there’s probably no hero more popular than Spider-Man. This heist scene pits Spider-Man against arguably his greatest villain, Doc Ock, in an open water showdown. The set comes with three minifigures; Spider-Man, Doc Ock, and hard-hat worker. Furthermore, each minifigure has a respective functional vehicle. The Doc Ock Diamond Heist is a smaller, but action-packed set for kids to enjoy and build. You see a review of the latest 2019 LEGO Spiderman sets at Brick Pals.

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

As kids start to really get into LEGO building, they’ll most likely start to build their own creations. This LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box is a great way to allow them to do just that. The set boasts 484 pieces in 35 different colors. With that many pieces and combinations, the possibilities are endless for kids. This brick box will definitely put a kids imagination to work.


LEGO offers so many wonderful picks to choose from. They have tons of theme sets, classic sets, and DUPLO sets for kids to choose from. There’s likely no wrong choice to wow a kid, but these are our picks for the best sets for kids.

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