Family-friendly Kitchen Renovations: The Essentials

Family-friendly kitchen renovations: the essentials.

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For young, growing families, space can often be an issue, especially in the kitchen. As a true heart of a home, kitchens need to grow and evolve as the family grows and changes. Kitchen renovation projects are an excellent opportunity to adapt the space to new demands so it can perfectly fit your family’s needs.

When redesigning your kitchen, bear in mind that it should be functional, practical and durable, but it should also be fun for your family, both now and in the years to come. Think about design it to your needs and taste, not for future buyers’ preferences. Go for a bright, welcoming and cheerful design and have fun.  Here are several design aspects to consider when planning your kitchen remodel the family-friendly way.

The colour pallet

As the hub of the home, everyone passes through the kitchen many times during the day, so make sure you pick a bright and light colour pallet to boost the atmosphere. Paint the walls in off white, light gray or powder blue shades and replace the old backsplash with a modern, subways tile in a herringbone pattern. As a decorative element that will add a bit of texture and interest, you can opt for a detail in a handmade ceramic tile behind the stove. As there are many choices to select from it is best to visit tile store website.

If you’re aiming for a more modern and striking effect, consider using contemporary polyurethane coating for your backsplash, instead of going with the traditional tiles. With a wide range of colours in pearlescent or metallic shades, and improved qualities of coatings that guarantee high resistance to scratching and temperature, you can re-vamp your kitchen and achieve any look you desire. 

The mighty kitchen island

Having a larger kitchen island can bring many benefits: it will give you ample space for preparing food, additional eating surface for quick breakfast or dinner and even a desk or a homework area, with plenty of room to spread out books and papers. So, splurge on a generous marble countertop to accommodate for all the needs and with such a large element, you’ll also have huge storage space beneath.

From an aesthetic point of view, pick a lighter shade of marble to go with the softer pallet of the cabinetry and walls, and contrast it with darker oak floors and a dark finish on the island sides.

Abundant storage

Even with a larger island that offers abundant storage, you can’t really have too much of it. Make plans for installing a pull-out within the cabinets below that can be practical to store potatoes, onions or any other products that don’t require refrigeration. Right next to the dishwasher, place a drawer with partitions so you can stack clean dishes easily in place.

Drawer partitions and dividers can have many practical uses in a kitchen. For instance, they offer prefect slots for often used utensils and if placed near the stove, they’ll always be at hand. Placing a shallow drawer at countertop level with napkins and place mats will give you quick access, so your kids can easily set the table while you finish up prepping the food.

A cabinet with dividers above the oven can be used to store platters and baking trays in a neatly organized, upright position and even your spices can now get a special treatment in their own pull-out drawer with angled shelves that allow you to keep them in order and out of kids’ reach.

The power of details

The devil’s in the details, as the saying goes, so grab the opportunity to add a few unique details that will give your remodelled kitchen special charm. For instance, a large, deep butler sink evokes the past times and accommodates stacks of dishes that usually come with large families, and if you pair it with a modern faucet in bronze or black colour, you’ll have a fantastic focal point.

As a place of high foot traffic, a family kitchen can’t really exist without a message centre to handle all the messages, notes, school papers and mail that come in daily. Depending on your preference, it could be a modern-style black chalkboard near the door or a corkboard fitted within a vintage mirror frame that will play its practical part, but also serve as a unique decorative detail.

A well-done, family-friendly kitchen remodel can have a great and positive effect on the quality of your family life and it can bring your family even closer. Hopefully, the tips outlined here can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.


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