DIY Pallet Deck for Your Above Ground Pool

How to make a DIY pallet deck for your above ground pool?

pallet deck for pool
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Having a place to swim in — may it be inground pools, above ground pools or inflatable spa — in one’s home, is becoming a necessity especially during the summer months. It’s driving many homeowners to consider house and land packages. It guarantees that you will cool down after a quick dip and your children will be more active outside instead of being holed up inside the house in front of a TV or a mobile phone.

Because inground pools are costlier to install compared to inflatable spas and above ground pools, more and more homeowners are choosing the latter for their home. Some also do not have enough space at home to install an inground pool. An above-ground pool is suitable for people who are looking for minimal maintenance.

One of the pool requirements is to ensure the safety of everyone who will have access to the pool. A way to do that is to build a fence and a deck. Decks will help protect the pool and could be used as a walkway and a place to entertain your guests and sunbathe.

Decks do not have to be costly and are easy to do. A DIY pallet deck is one of the cheapest and easiest to make because pallets are available in local stores and are sometimes given for free. Here are five easy steps to help you build a DIY pallet deck.

Get the necessary permits

In most areas, a council approval is not necessary if you are building an above-ground pool with a DIY pallet deck, but it does not hurt to verify with your local council first, especially if you have a large above ground pool.

Measure and plan

Measure the above-ground pool and make a plan on how the deck would look like. To maximise your deck and use it as a receiving area for your guests, it should be at least two metres across. If you intend to use parts of it only as a sitting area or a walkway, one metre across is enough. Include in your plan where you intend to put plants and other ornaments. Measure the height of the above ground pool and the steps that you will install. Although pool ladders are generally safe, wider steps are a lot safer. If your pool is round, you may make the deck a rectangle or a square depending on your space, your intended use, safety, and access.

Construct the pallet deck

  1. Install the above-ground floor according to the specifications. An above ground pool with metal frame and vinyl cover is generally recommended.
  2. Prepare your materials. You may purchase pallets from your local store. You may have to clean them first and make the surface smooth. You could spray a stain if you wish to. You will generally need construction materials when you make your other DIY projects.
  3. Start by making the trapezoidal frames that will serve as floor joists. The floor joists will be supported by concrete blocks and 4×4 posts. Diagonal braces can be placed between the posts to complete the frame of the pool deck.
  4. Lay the deck according to your design. If you have a circular pool, the best way is to taper the boards and lay them radiating from the pool. You have to make sure that there are no spaces between the boards.
  5. Add guardrails around the deck and add the steps from the deck to the ground.

Protect the deck

  1. Ensure that you will be using heat-treated pallets and not the chemically-treated ones. Heat treated pallets are usually used in international shipments. The heat treatment process of wood is done to prevent the spread of plant pests to other areas. It is usually recognised with an HT stamp.
  2. Make it waterproof.  As it will be used near the water, you need to water-seal the deck to ensure it will not be rotten after winter.
  3. Add fine sand to the paint or to your sealer to make the wood surface non-slippery. This is an added protection for youngsters who like to run.
  4. Protect it from termites.  Even if your pallet is heat-treated, termites might decide to claim the deck as their home. Termite sprays are available at hardware stores and you may use it once a year.

Check for structural integrity

Before allowing your children to use the deck, make sure that you check the structural integrity of the bracing, posts, and bearers. These should not move or bend when weight is applied, and it should be able to support many people on the deck.

An above ground pool is indeed a great addition to your home and it is also a good excuse to bring out your creativity in building your own space. If you are on the look-out for above ground pools or an inflatable spas for your home, look no further and choose from the vast array of options available at

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