9 Tips On Comfortable Travel Outfit

9 tips on comfortable travel outfit.

comfortable travel outfit
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All set for your dream vacation? Ready to set your Instagram pages on fire with #travel_goals? Well, as cliche as it sounds, your travel outfit can be a decisive factor when it comes to having fun on the go. Outfits for any event have a deep impact on its output. You won’t probably miss a trip much if you were to keep adjusting your overly uncomfortable dress all along the way. You would just want to reach the destination and change your outfit on priority.

Traveling in itself is a tough business. There is a lot to prepare for and amongst all that you barely are left with any time to carry out an expert fashion scrutiny on your wardrobe. In case you are traveling overseas, the hassle only multiplies. Jet lag along with hauling your luggage around is enough to drain your energy. Hence, to ease your life a bit, here we have laid out an indispensable guide on travel outfits. These 9 tips can actually be a lifesaver and help you meet your #OOTD_goals –

Comfort is the key

One of the most important tips to select the best travel outfit is to go with what is most comfortable for you. Doesn’t matter how costly your outfit is, if it is not comfortable, it will ruin your trip. Although the comfort factor matters while selecting outfits for any occasion, it becomes a little more crucial while zeroing in on your travel outfit. Whatever you select must allow you to move freely.

What’s the fun, after all, of wearing something that demands all your attention for its maintenance rather than letting you enjoy your trip? And something loose here doesn’t mean you have to wear pajamas (although you can, in case you want!). A flowy long sleeved top along with a roomy pair of jeans can give you that polished and perfect travel look.

Color contrast

Traveling is your ‘fun time’. It is the time that you can experiment a lot with your look and come up with anything that you find cool and comfortable in. Color contrasted outfits, although unprofessional, make for fantastic travel outfits. Team up easily separable pieces or rock some contrast dresses, it is all up to you. Not just that, it is high time you give your skinny tight jeans some rest and say hello to roomy boyfriend jeans. Team them up with a cool tank top or cute cardigans and have the time of your life.

Apart from that, another pro tip for coming up with a killer travel wardrobe is to pack clothes in three matching colors. This will bring you unimaginable freedom. How? Well, you can quickly mix and match each piece of clothing to wear multiple outfits for different days. The idea is even great if your travel schedule requires you to stay at multiple stoppages in between. For instance, if you have connecting flights and plan on staying with your friends on the way, the idea can be a lifesaver for you.

Wear in layers

A lesser known and explored but lifesaving travel outfit tip is to wear in comfortable layers. Yeah, the sun may be shining brightly where you are heading to but the air conditioners may be at the peak throughout the way. Wearing in layers becomes even more important if you are traveling or navigating over uneven temperatures.

Make sure you wear in such a way that you can easily take on or off a layer or two as per the need.  For instance, if you are planning a vacation to a tropical region, a bright colored cardigan or a classic kimono will serve the purpose very well. You may even carry a jacket along or add a nice scarf to boost your look further in case you are traveling to somewhere cold.

Natural gabrics will be your savior

A lot of us do not pay much attention to the fabric while selecting our travel outfits, or any outfit in general. However, the fabric and the raw material is as important as the designing and the look of the dress. Preferring natural fabrics like cotton and linen to synthetic stuff like polyester will result in a lot more comfort during the journey. Clothes carved out of natural fabrics are light and generally quite breathable. Also, you must make sure that your dress is sweat absorbent. It will keep you feeling fresh and happy throughout the way. You can also give a shot to cotton crop tops teamed up with denim shorts or skirts.

Be destination specific

Another important factor that needs to be considered while finalizing your travel wardrobe is the end destination. In case you are heading forward for a beach vacation or a casual outing like a picnic or a pool party you must go with some bright shades like orange, off-white or yellow. Any combination of black, charcoal or navy can be a good bet while traveling to urban destinations.

Leggings and joggers

Embracing athleisure is yet another cool travel tip for the season. Although they don’t wear pajamas to the airports, you can definitely steal the show in joggers and leggings. Customized t-shirts paired up with tailored joggers can actually get you in the travel mode. Not only is the idea new and different but also awards you with unimaginable comfort.  

Don’t go overboard

Traveling is all about getting that much-needed break from your daily routine. It’s about letting the hair loose and getting all of your drained energy refilled. And you must be ready with the best of your outfits for the same, however in the pursuit of enjoying to the fullest make sure you do not go overboard. Keep it subtle and minimal and you will love it every bit. Do not over-accessorize your look. A trendy bag along with some light jewelry is all that you need. You may even go accessory-less and feel liberated.

Whatever you choose, the key is that it must not be too restricting. The concept can be extended to the foot-wear also. Go for a sturdy and reliable pair rather than the one with the glossiest look. In case you are going to walk a lot, you must wear accordingly. Lifestyle sneakers must serve the purpose well here.

Experiment as much as you can

There is no rule book on selecting the best travel outfit as of now. It is all about your own creativity and pleasure. Ideally, you should wear what appeals to you the most or what brings the best out of you. While going for formal business trips or office parties, you can’t experiment much as you have protocols to follow and standards to meet. But, while on a personal vacation, you can experiment with your look and outfit as much as you want.

Be season specific

Lastly, you must be season specific. Carrying a bag full of maxi dresses won’t help you much if you are traveling to a destination with lower temperatures. The fashion quotient of the outfit must not overshadow the practical aspects of the same. For instance, a tunic top paired with pieces of denim might be a better option for a relatively colder day rather than a hot summer beach outing.

Traveling is fun, no doubts about that. However, preparing for the same seems like a herculean task to many. Doesn’t matter if you are traveling by air or road being in transit demands a lot of energy. Your outfit must not demand any of it and should comfort you. After all, you don’t want to be on your vacation spot all tired and irritated, do you? Hence, brainstorm beforehand and come up with something that makes you feel more like a traveler rather than a tourist.

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