Save Money, Health and Natural Resources with Home Improvement

How can some simple home improvement save your money, health and natural resources?

simple home improvement
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There are many household commodities that improve our lives on a daily basis. From shower stalls to sinks, these are important fixtures to have for a healthy and responsible way of life. However, one piece of bathroom furniture regularly gets neglected and that is a bidet.

Bidet was created in the 17th century in France but they became widely popular in the 20th century, however. Today, there are different types and models that can fit in any bathroom, and house budget and all the while taking care of your health as well. Here are some interesting facts how a simple home improvement with a bidet can save you money, health and natural resources.

Helps you take care of the hygiene

The whole idea of the bidet is to provide hygiene after each use of the toilet. Moreover, they even improve hygienic habits since they add an extra layer of cleanliness and prevent irritations from the use of paper. Depending on which bidet you bought, some even come with self-clean feature and temperature setting so you would have a more comfortable experience.

Additionally, some models even offer a dryer function so you wouldn’t have to use a towel afterword at all. If you use bidet regularly, you will reduce the risk of yeast and bacterial infections, as well as prevent irritations, discomfort and even pain due to certain health conditions.

Saves the environment

Recycled toilet paper is often considered uncomfortable by many so people usually remain loyal to the ordinary variety made from trees. With a bidet, you will use less toilet paper and thus start living more by the eco-friendly principles.

Just for comparison, in the USA, people spend 36.5 billion rolls every year and that means that 15 million trees were cut down to make them.  The manufacturing process used 473,587,500,000 gallons of water in order to make the stated amount of toilet paper, which is much, much more than bidets spent. So as you see, the environmental impact is significant and you would join a strong movement to help our planet recover and be a better place for our children.

Saves you money

Bidets are also cheaper than toilet paper especially when you multiply those billions of rolls with their cost of around $3. A bidet is something you will buy and will last for a long time, during which it will already pay off. Bidets have a different price tag and it depends on the manufacturer and features it offers so you can choose from simple to more luxurious solutions.

The best way to get the one you want is to compare their prices and features, and then make the decision to buy. That way you could even buy an expensive one on discount or get a free installation which would be saving you money right from the start.

Ideal for pregnant women and new mothers

Vaginal and anal hygiene is important in order to prevent bacterial and fungi infections especially in women who are pregnant or new mothers. As correctly pointed out by Bidets Online. At this company, experts say: “A bidet can be very available and quick to use for pregnant women, especially late in her pregnancy when mobility may be decreased.” This way, pregnant women will lower the chance of developing bladder and vaginal infections and so avoid using drugs which can be harmful to the child.

Cleanliness is important for women before, during and after they had their babies. After the childbirth, the vaginal area is still sore which wiping up with toilet will only worsen or make women more uncomfortable. A bidet is a comfortable way to clean this area and recover faster and some bidets even have feminine wash feature, specifically designed to maintain good vaginal health.   

Helps with certain medical conditions

Medical conditions such are diarrhea and hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable. Diarrhea requires frequent trips to the toilet and whipping the area so much with toilet paper will lead to irritation. Spray from the bidet will keep the area clean, while at the same time prevent any irritating acidity.

When it comes to hemorrhoids, it is imperative to keep the area clean and avoid rubbing it with paper. Use of bidet will make you feel more comfortable and help you recover faster, especially if you had surgical intervention.

Prevents clogs and thus lowers a plumbing bill

Using so many toilet paper and wet wipes can lead to clogging of the toilet. This is not an uncommon thing to happen, but can sometimes prove to be an expensive one. With a bidet, you will easily replace toilet paper with sprays of water and so avoid throwing it into the toilet.

More importantly, you will lower the chance of causing property damage to neighbors living below your apartment since clogs can cause sewer overflow, as well. This is something you would want to avoid even if you don’t have downstairs neighbors since it will cause contamination of your living space. And if you have children, this is something you want to avoid to preserve both their health and yours.


If there is a home improvement out there that can save your money, health and natural resources, then you should take it. After all, healthy people and a healthy planet make a safe home for future generations.

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simple home improvement


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