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Mirror TV future


One of the smartest ways to hide your TV is through screen mirroring. It provides a cool option for those who don’t want to look at the TV all the time but still want a centrally located Television. Your flat screen doubles as a mirror whereby you can switch back and forth. This article will delve deeper into how mirror TV work, what one should consider when shopping for one and what is involved in the installation process.

The technology behind mirror TV is a type of special glass called dielectric glass, also called smart glass. The physical properties of this glass rely on electricity to change at the flip of a switch, making the glass to go from transparent to opaque. The process of making dielectric glass is a pretty complicated one so there is variety in the type and quality of this TVs. Low-quality glass will have a decreased brightness when the TV is turned on and give a weaker reflection when it is off. That is why it is better if a person visits a showroom to see how the model they are considering functions.  

There are some manufacturers who offer several glass options, including extensive frame collection. They also stock waterproof and outdoor materials. A different glass is used for bathroom mirror TVs to compensate for different lighting.

Mounting a Mirror TV

Obviously, the mounting support needs to be stronger than normal in order to accommodate the extra weight of the glass. A user should also ensure that the TV receives proper ventilation to avoid overheating. In this regard, LCD TVs are better than plasma. The reflection will look much better on a black TV than most of the colors.

Although Mirror TV may cost a bit extra than the ordinary TV, what you need up with is more than you expected. Hiding the TV in plain sight is a smart way to enhance the attractive layout of a room, instead of having the large flat screens which often obstruct a home’s interior design.

Things to look out for when shopping

Integrated features such as ATSC digital tuners and touch screen facility are some of the important features you would want to look out for when shopping out for a mirror TV. As mentioned earlier, there is a different glass used for bathroom purposes, so if one would like the TV mounted on his bathroom, he should ensure the glass is fog-free in order to have a clear view even on a moist environment. Other important features to look out for are:

  • Quality: it would be best if a person compares all the available models on the market before settling for a certain brand. Such research increases the chances of getting a mirror TV from a trusted brand.
  • Size: a buyer should always ensure that the size of the room where he wants to mount the TV is proportional to the size of the TV. A large screen mounted on a small room will only result in an awkward look.
  • Color: although personal preference is a determining factor, the color should match well with the décor of the room. A classic black color will look good on a kitchen cabinet. A silver mirror TV will add a more aesthetic look. A pearl white TV mirror will do just fine on the master bedroom.
  • Cost: the cost of the mirror TV often depends on additional features such as waterproof ability. The more extra features a TV has, the costlier it becomes.

Advanced technology makes TV watching an exciting experience

The technology used in mirror TV paves way for brilliant images to be produced when the TV is on and completely hides is when it is off. This means that 99% of the light is transmitted to the TV resulting in a bright and clear image. Different types of mirrors are used in this technology.

Iris mirrors usually offer the brightest experienced for a user while reducing glare and stunning quality. Staring at the TV for long hours often result in an eyesore. This new technology eliminates such problems. The TV practically vanishes when it is off and leaves only a faint outline of the perimeter. This can only be noticed on a close range. Viewing the TV even under direct sunlight still feels comfortable and there is no risk of eye irritation. The mirror surface can also be used in nonbathroom applications such as foyers, guestroom and living rooms.

Spectrum mirrors provide the best reflective mirror surface and are ideal for indoor activities such as makeup application. It is often used in bathroom installations. The view is bright and offers stunning quality images. When switched off, the TV image is camouflaged and you can only see a light grey image that directs you to where the TV is located.

The V mirrors leave no image when the TV is switched off. This mirror gives a user the wow factor as it completely vanishes when used in a dark environment. When used in a highly lit surrounding, the mirror’s reflective qualities reduce glare. Since it is 80% bright just like the ordinary mirror, it is ideally used for non- bathroom applications such as the bedroom or fireplace.

The B series mirrors are another common type of TV mirrors. It is the cheapest route to having a smart TV in areas such as the bathroom and guestroom. When it is switched off, there is a black screen that hides it. Its main distinctive feature is the highly reflective mirror surface that ensures a user can comfortably watch clear images even when on lit environments.

The final note

Regardless of the type of mirror you choose, always ensure you have visited the showrooms in person to see how the various features function. Do your research well in advance. You should also go for a trusted brand for a guarantee of clarity and best performance.

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