Tyre Care Tips For Women Drivers In UK

Do you drive with kids? Here are some tyre care tips for women drivers in UK.

women driver with kids
photo: pixabay

If you are a mom and you drive your kids to school or just drive to run some errands – you should never compromise on your vehicle’s safety. Being safe on the road is important because it ensures passenger safety and takes out the risks of being stuck on the road with a car break down.

This goes without saying that tyres are the most important aspect of a car.
Tyres need to be compatible with the make and model of your car even if you choose different tyre manufacturers for each of the four wheels. Depending on the make of car you drive, you may have questions about how to look after your tyres and the best ones to choose. Check out some simple tyre tips below for each type of car model so you are safe on the road when driving with kids:


Lots of different tyre makers produce tyres which are suitable to the BMW range. Finding suitable products is rarely a problem. Bear in mind that BMWs are often fitted with so-called star marked tyres. These have been produced by several tyre manufacturers to BMW’s own specification. They are easily distinguished by the star you’ll find on the sidewall of each tyre. Designed to offer a smooth ride, BMW say they mean greater levels of grip are generated, making them safer when fitted to all BMW models.


This car model is preferred by women drivers. There is a lot of demand of mid-range and budget tyres among Fiats, especially the smaller cars in the Italian car maker’s range. A number of tyre manufacturers produce suitable car tyres for Fiats, so you don’t necessarily need to purchase one of the big Italian brands. Owners can select Fiat Tyres at a great price at Point S simply by entering their car registration number on the website. All compatible tyres will pop onto your screen from high-end, performance tyres to very affordable ones.


Audi used to make a great fuss of their AO tyres which were supposedly designed specifically for a number of models within their range. AO simply stands for Audio option but there is no need to only consider tyres which have this accreditation if you drive an Audi. You can buy from nearly all of the leading car tyre manufacturers these days and know that what you are obtaining is suited to your Audi model.

Alfa Romeo tyres

There are no tyres which are currently produced that are specifically designed for Alfa Romeos. Like Audi car tyres, you can select from nearly all of the big tyre brands safe in the knowledge that they will make a suitable tyre for your car, whether you drive a Giulietta or a GTV. Just remember to give the exact model of Alfa Romeo you drive when ordering new tyres so you can be sure they are fully compatible.

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